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Quest for the Holy Something

Zenobi Software info 1992

Craig Richard Davies info
Parody, Tolkien info
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Strident, Sudders, WhenIWasCruel



Throughout time there have been many 'QUESTS' only have to cast your mind back to King Arthur and his legendary 'Quest For The Holy Grail' to remember that, not to mention more modern versions like 'Quest For The Poorly Snail' or even 'Quest For The Holy Joystick'. However this 'QUEST' is going to be somewhat different. For a start, nobody is actually that sure what the object of the quest actually is.. not even the author. Hence the name of the game,, 'Quest For The Holy Something'.
However, do not let this small matter put you off, this is no small quest and one that will tax even the grey-matter of the best of you. It will be a trip back into the past for some of you and an enjoyable trip down 'memory lane' for some of the more experienced adventurers, for you will ALL encounter such delights as 'THE PRANCING OGRE', 'THE EXTREMELY LARGE CAVES' and the teeming metropolis of LEATHERHEAD. For this is one man's tribute to all the great games of the past... albeit done with his tongue firmly in his cheek.
Return with us now to the world of 'ADVENTURELAND' and assist the semi-legendary hero known as FRED BLOGGINS to make his way to the object of his utmost desire.... the fabled 'Holy Something'. The task may not be an easy one, nor will it be a quick one, but you can rest assured that it may well be the best damn 'QUEST' ever undertaken.


Development of this game started in 1986 and it was originally completed in 1987 and submitted to various commercial software houses. A revised version was produced in 1988/89 that was eventually released by Zenobi in 1992/3.

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