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Starcrash Software Systems 1986

Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
Science fiction
Entered by:
Sudders, WhenIWasCruel



You awake concussed to find that your starcraft, the Lady Angela, has been badly damaged in a space battle and has crashed in an alien jungle.

You must pull yourself together and find out where you are and what you must do to survive.

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User Comments

urbanghost (18-06-2020 13:05)

this is probably the worst adventure I have ever played. Where to begin?
for a start you can only carry 4 items. ok, but to get one of the many different ends you would need to relay items across the map and it would take hours and once you see the map you will understand. its lucky that it is so badly designed that you can skip 90% of the game and finish with only 4 items. The whole map is a maze and makes no sense whatsoever. it took me 4 days just to map the thing, which was a nightmare as it gives you no directions.
there is one part of the map, about 30 rooms where nearly every direction ends in death. I dont mind dying in games but seriously. the thing is to actually finish the game you only have to avoid one death so all the rest are just ther to anniy you, and it succeeds. it gets worse the furthur into the game you get, its like they designed a small game and then just lost the plot and added everything that people hate about adventure games.
this was reviewed in ZX Computing magazine in 1986 and they gave it a great rating? There is no way that the reviewer played the game for very long if they had there is no way that it would have got that rating. Even the reviewer picked up that even at the very start of the game there is a hint of the nightmare to come. some of the commands are a bit obscure to say the least, dropping ladders so you an go down and there is even a part where to get past something you have to type PSSS? how the %^&* are you supposed to guess that? its not like its a common command on adventure games, I have never seen it in any of the hundreds of games i have played and there is not even a clue about it in the game.
So take my advice don't play it and if you must then use my walkthrough which will end your nightmare quickly and cross it off your list and play something better. Anything.

urbanghost (21-06-2020 09:29)

Files available online only contain side 1 of tape, rest of game is on 2nd side.