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Abbey of Montglane, The

Arthur LaFrana info 1993

Arthur LaFrana info
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Fantasy, misc., Horror
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The Abbey is a much talked about place. When one says The Abbey it can be only one that they speak of, the Abbey of Montglane. Since you were a child your teachers have talked of it. It is as if it was the centre of the Universe. So when you heard that it was destroyed by fire, you and all who heard were driven to tears. When the King and Pope call for you to help salvage some of the treasures, and you hear that the damage isn't as bad as thought, you are much relieved. At least until you begin to remember some of the childhood stories about the place. You wonder, if the Abbey isn't badly damaged by fire, why did everyone leave in such a big hurry? And what really happened the night of the fire? The peasants talk of fire falling from the sky and a terrible wailing. Also in the town itself they warn you of a horror that stalks the halls of the Abbey. Of course, stories like this are always being told about extremely old buildings and the Abbey is close to 400 years old.

Some of the works in the huge library are of that age and older. And it may be there that you will locate the clues to the location of the treasures. Nobody has ever been in the library other than the librarian. When a book was needed one asked the librarian to get it and it was brought downstairs.

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