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Adventure Game, The

Kuma info 1982

KUMA Adventure
Sharp MZ info
Based on film/TV/radio
Entered by:
dave, Strident



For the Sharp MZ-80A.

Based on the BBC TV 1980s "game show" The Adventure Game.

(Mentioned in advertising at least as early as 1982 and included in the KUMA August 1982 catalogue)

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User Comments

Jonathan O (02-01-2021 14:51)

Is the above the least useful screenshot on this site?

Strident (02-01-2021 15:11)

It is a useful screenshot... it's just displaying at the wrong ratio. I'll flag it up to be fixed, thanks. :)

ahope1 (03-01-2021 02:04)

Is this game available to download anywhere?

Strident (03-01-2021 09:11)

Yes, it's in the collection at the MZ-80A Secrets site...

ahope1 (03-01-2021 17:24)

@Strident: Thanks! I've never emulated MSX before. Do you have a quick and easy way to get a copy of the BASIC listing for the game, by any chance?

ahope1 (03-01-2021 18:34)

Er, ignore my previous comment. It was clearly gibberish!

Sharpworks (17-04-2022 11:04)

The screenshot is interesting as there is a blue background! The MZ-80A didn't have colour (beyond its monochrome green screen). It suggests either the game was also released on the MZ-700 (I've not seen proof of this yet) or somebody has converted the listing to the MZ-700's S-BASIC (which is fairly easy to do as it automatically converts MZ-80A's BASIC tokens to S-BASIC tokens when you try and load an 80A program). I'll be posting my solution to this game shortly :)

Strident (17-04-2022 15:10)

Unlike the other early Kuma releases, the game seems to have disappeared quite quickly for Kuma's catalogue... or at least the magazine advertising. I wonder what was the reason for that? Licensing issues, perhaps?

Sharpworks (17-04-2022 19:06)

It could be that! Perhaps it wasn't selling well. Alternatively, the spelling and grammar are pretty poor (and they've not even bothered to check whether a word is split between lines on the screen so it doesn't look particularly nice either - almost like it was a rush job).

ahope1 (29-04-2022 18:12)

@Sharpworks, do you know how to get the BASIC source code for this game?

Sharpworks (29-04-2022 20:12)

Hopefully you're getting my messages on Twitter now. Let me know if it helps :)