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Blood of Bogmole, The

Compass Software info 1991

Jon R. Lemmon
Fantasy, misc.
Blood of Bogmole [1: Blood of Bogmole, The, 2: Zogan's Revenge, 3: Wizards Skull, The]
Entered by:
Gunness, Strident, Sudders



Long ago, in the lands of Bolimol evil ruled! Slither the dragon scoured the land destroying the good dwarfs who lived there. Gregor, the wizard of Bolimol using his magic powers tricked Slither into a trap, set by the dwarfs! Slither while hunting down king Eldor, followed him into a giant trench where the dwarfs were waiting! As the dragon entered the trench, hundreds of dwarfs pushed down tons of soil, rocks and boulders down on top of Slither, burying him alive for all eternity! The giant trench was then flattened and renamed the valley of Bolimol by the dwarf king.

After decades of peaceful living, the evil wizard Zogan amassed great armies of orcs and shadow orcs on the border and marched into Bolimol. As the dwarfs and orcs fouqht, Zogan used his magic powers to entomb the wizard Gregor inside a huge clay altar. He then killed Eldor the king and turned the land of Bolimol against the dwarf army.

Earthquakes caused huge chasms to open and swallow up great numbers of dwarfs. It was at this time that prince Eldrin, son of the dwarf king took command of the remaining army, which now numbered only 1600 men. They retreated to the swamp where they would be safe from any further attack and where he could plan his next offensive!

Now, Zogan having control over the lands sent forth many orc patrols to hunt down the last of the dwarfs while he searched for the unique ingredient to a spell, which once cast would release the dragon from the weight of the land that imprisoned him. Together they could move into the neighbouring lands and control the whole province!

You are Bogmole, the last of the swamp monsters! After receiving word that your father had been killed in the war at Bolimol, you decide to leave your own home land of Freand for revenge! After many days travel you arrive at the summit of mount Crag looking down into the valley of Bolimol below. You decide there and then to make contact with prince Eldrin and to help in Zogan's destruction!

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