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Broken Friend, A

Paul Jenkinson info 2012

Paul Jenkinson info
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Fleg was a young scamp, always getting into scrapes and having adventures, but his most favourite thing was to play on his Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

His mother had bought it for him at Christmas, a few months ago, and he spent all of his spare hours blasting aliens, solving puzzles, jumping on platforms and generally having a grand old time.

On a sunny day, midway through April, he ran upstairs to his bedroom, eager to load up his brand new game, Chopper Drop. But wait – where was his beloved computer?

He had left it on his wooden desk, but now it had gone!

“Mummy,” he shouted, tears welling up in his young eyes, “where is my computer?”

“No idea Fleg, has your brother got it?”

Fleg hated his little brother, always stealing his toys and leaving a mess everywhere.

“No.” Fleg replied, “He is in the toilet.”

It was then Fleg noticed his brother’s toilet step by his feet. If he wasn’t using the step then what was he using…


Fleg was too late, he beautiful, sleek black micro was damaged. Racing back to his room he plugged it in. Bright squares flashed up on screen and didn’t go away – his Spectrum was dead.

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