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Loadstar 1986

Dick Caron
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Based on literature info, Crime
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Alex, iamaran, Strident



Your name is Toby Stubbins. It's the year 1893 and you live in the back alleys of teeming metropolis of London. You've been homeless for all of your 15 years, but your life is not as hopeless as others, for you are a Baker Street Irregular.

As a lifelong inhabitant of the bleak side, you can accomplish things that ordinary Londoners can't. You are the crucial link between the underworld and the man who has solved more 'unsolvable' crimes than anyone in history.
But this morning, tragedy struck in the most unlikely manner.

As you approached number 221B Baker Street, you witnessed a commotion like you had never seen before. People, horses, carriages, and police were in a frightful stir. You fought your way through the throng and at last spotted Dr. Watson, who was speaking heatedly with a young lieutenant from the Scotland Yard. When he sees you, he waves wearily at the confused officer and approaches you.

'Thank heavens it's you, Toby. The most awful thing has happened. It's Holmes - he's been kidnapped!'

'Toby, you must find him. The only clue we have is this shoe. I'm sure Holmes could make a lot more of it than I have. You see, it has a peculiar type of mud caked around the sole. I'm sure its owner has spent time in the sewers recently. I'm afraid that's all I can make out in my present state. Toby, we must find him and quickly.'

'I have reason to believe he may have been drugged. The police will be of no help - I'm afraid you're on your own. Please, Toby - find Holmes!'


Jim Gerrie has created a version of the game for the TRS-80 MC-10.

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by Alex
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User Comments

jgerrie (22-07-2017 23:47)

Noticed using Alex's playthrough that the phrase "BUY MEAT" didn't work. Don't think BUY is one of the verbs. GET MEAT works (and subtracts the money from your wallet).

Alex (23-07-2017 19:39)

Thank you for pointing it out. I've updated my walkthrough.