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Escape From London

CBM64novo 2013

Darren Jones
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You are John, working in London, away from your family. It's holiday time and your wife, son and daughter are joining you in the capital for a few days sight seeing. You are on the tube, heading to Euston Station to meet them from the train. The power suddenly turns off and the tube stops in Russell Square Station, nothing to shock you as you are a regular user, but this is different, the station power as gone also. Some lights flicker on the platform. After 5 minutes with no communication from the driver you and fellow passengers start to look around and get worried, after 10 minutes in the dark and the driver being on the platform passengers start to open the doors manually.
A lone figure comes running on to the platform, they are out of breathe, they have just come into the station using the stairs, a 170+ step spiral staircase, they tell you the shocking news:

"London’s lost all power, everywhere, I heard 4 or 5 explosions and then noticed that people down the bottom of the road were falling down. I just ran into the station, but with no power, the lifts are not working and I used the stairs...

You have to think fast... Find your family... Escape from London...


The game was due to be released in July 2013, but then the author vanished.
A beta version was published on Games That Weren't in 2017.

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by Alex
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User Comments

Alex (09-02-2017 22:47)

Unfortunately the beta version is not finished. It has several errors. You can find all of your family members and make a travel pass for your family, but it is not possible to finish the game. At the end you should be able to board the shuttle with the pass and your family, but this has not been programmed. It is also not possible to die even if your health gets below zero.

The game has lots of objects but only a few are needed to solve the game. There are not many puzzles to solve and the parser is quite bad.

Gunness (10-02-2017 12:10)

Judging from the screen shot, I'd say the writing could do with an overhaul, too.

Alex (10-02-2017 20:07)

Yes, apart from grammatical errors it has a lot of typos. For instance you have to open a "cuboard" to find some object and in another place you find "emergencey notices".