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Bermuda Triangle, The

Zenobi Software info 1991

Laurence Creighton info
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Even as a child you had expressed a great fondness for tales of the "para-normal" and stories of the "occult". There was nothing you liked more than to curl up under your duvet with a small torch and a copy of a tatty old book entitled "WEIRD TALES AND STRANGE STORIES" and to while away the early hours of the morning until it was time for breakfast. Mind you, you were never quite brave enough to read the book in the middle of the night when the sky was at its darkest and the shadows at their longest, but those first few hours of daylight did not seem to hold so many terrors.

As you grew up and the thoughts of your childhood were replaced by those of a fully grown adult, you continued to savour an interest in all things weird and were often to be found immersed in some book or other or watching a tale of fantasy on your recently acquired video recorder.

None of these books or videos had ever affected you in any way and generally you took their contents with more than a pinch of salt. In fact you often laughed at your friends who found some of the more "colourful" tales to be more than they could stomach.

However all this was to change when you decided to take a holiday abroad and the travel company informed you that your flight would take you through the infamous "BERMUDA TRIANGLE". Almost immediately your head began to fill with thoughts of Alien spacecraft, sunken fishing boats and missing aircraft. You recalled all the tales you had either heard or read concerning this area and of the mysterious disappearances that had taken place there. But surely nothing like that would ever happen to you ... or at least that was what you thought as you boarded the bus to take you out to your waiting aircraft and your flight over the "TRIANGLE".

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