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Black Tower, The

Adventure Workshop, The info, Zenobi Software info 1993

Diane Rice
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
Amstrad CPC info, Spectrum
Fantasy, misc.
1: Black Tower, The, 2: Serpentine Tale, A
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Gunness, Strident, Sudders



Every evening, as the last of the crumbs were swept on to the floor and the hunting-dogs scrambled for the morsels that fell from the long wooden tables, the talk would turn to 'serious' things and men would relate the tale of the 'MORJAN CRYSTAL' and its immense powers.

Many believed that the crystal was the source of all that was evil in the land, and that only its removal would return the kingdom to its once great state. Others felt that it was the crystal itself that preserved life on the land and that without it all would turn to dust to be swept away on the cold east winds.

However there were the 'silent' ones among them who knew the true story behind the influence of the crystal and it was one of them that now turned to YOU and entrusted YOU with the 'task' you are about to embark upon.

It has befallen you to make your way to the infamous 'BLACK TOWER' and once there, to utilise every means at your disposal to destroy the 'MORJAN CRYSTAL' for once and for all. A simple enough task when you weigh up that it only entails the destruction of one small crystal ... but an immense one when you consider the risks involved.

You will need all your wits about you and then a great deal of luck as well, before your task will be over. And only time will tell if you are good enough.

Prepare to do battle with some very acute problems and to encounter such strange creatures as RATABITTS, ROCS and BEETLES. Good luck on your quest ...


The Spectrum original was written in 1992 and originally released by Zenobi Software in 1993. (Note: some archive sites incorrectly list the date as 1984, as they have mixed it up with the similarly titled game by Dollarsoft)

An Amstrad CPC (tape & disk) version of this game was produced and sold by The Adventure Workshop.

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