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Eye of Borrack, The

Jim Jams Games info 2019

Dave Hawkins info, Jos Hawkins, Mike Hood
PC info
Amnesia info, Fantasy, misc., Treasure hunt
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jimjamsgames, Strident



You wake up in a strange bed in a strange land with no recollection of how you arrived. The only clue to how to proceed is a mysterious ornate chest with the instructions LEAVE ALL TREASURES HERE.

The Eye of Borrack will take you back to yesteryear, with our take on the classic text adventure. You'll put the world of action games to one side, as you delve deeply into a rich, funny, imagination lead, text-based tale.

You'll control your actions and that of other characters, not with single keypresses or controllers, but through typed English sentences, In The Eye of Borrack, you'll solve puzzles, and mysteries, through the manipulation of a host of objects, exploration and interaction with others you'll meet along the way.


The engine for the game was developed using AppGameKit.

The Eye of Borrack is a fantasy adventure, very much inspired by some of the greatest text games. I personally have a love of parsering and text adventures, with a history of development that goes back to the 1980's. Jimjams specalises in retro inspired games, and while we've mostly focused on arcade action, it was always my intention to revisit my love of the text adventure, and create a game that honours the genre, which I hope we've achieved with Borrack.

We decided early on that for our first text adventure in many years, it would be fitting to honour the original Advent by Crowther and Woods, and based the game around a treasure hunt. There are also plenty of nods to some of the classics, which we hope is taken with good humour.

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jimjamsgames (30-10-2019 10:26)


We're Jimjams games, the developer of The Eye of Borrack, it's great to see our game listed here and hope that you enjoy it.