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Cow V: The Great Egg Quest

J. Suchman ?

J. Suchman
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Another day dawns over your Uncle Willy's farm, and as you stretch and peer out the window, you think back to the past few days and the fun you've had.
Three days ago, you arrived on Uncle Willy's farm for a week of fun and relaxation. Excited by the clean farm air, you set out to explore the woods behind the barn. This turned into the adventure detailed in Cow I, in which you discovered a huge troupe of cows wandering the woods.
The next day was spent wandering through Uncle Willy's barn, in Cow II: The Barn. You found Uncle Willy's old Ford, his tractor, and one of his cows.
Despite being tired by your quest through the barn, the following day you went back into the woods. After meeting a cow, you found your way out of the woods into the field of a rather surly farmer. After dealing with him, you went back into the woods and met more cows. However, you quickly became lost and could not get back to the farm. It was at this shocking point that Cow III: More Cows ended.
However, everything worked out all right, as in Cow IV: The Voyage Home you were able to locate a map cow with a map of the woods, and found the correct path back to Uncle Willy's farm. After telling Uncle Willy all about your adventure, you fell quickly asleep.
Now it's morning, and Uncle Willy has gone out on an early errand. However, he has an important task for you to perform... in Cow V: The Great Egg Quest!!!

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