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Seance, The

Quantum Sheep 2008

Quantum Sheep
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Dear brother,

It's been almost a year now, as you know, since I lost my dear, beloved, Emily. The war took its toll on me, and to return in time only to see my beloved wife die after falling ill, I cannot help feel that my heart is forever broken.

Though you will no doubt think it quite mad, over the past few months I have felt her presence here in the house. The attic has become my sanctuary now. It is colder than the rest of the house (even during the summer months) and I cannot help but think that she is trying to send me a message from beyond the grave.

In addition, several objects have mysteriously moved around the house, and I seldom look in the mirror anymore. I see things that aren't there, Robert!

I cannot stay here, Robert. The pain is too much to bear. Arrangements have been made to move to another house in Richmond . A fresh start.

I know you will think this a foolish endeavour, brother, but I simply must try and contact Emily before I leave this house for good. I must tell her how much I miss her and love her still. Moreover, even though I will never forgive myself for not being here for her in her time of need, I want to beg her for her forgiveness.

I do so need her forgiveness, brother. I cannot go on living like this. Often I have contemplated joining her on the other side, but alas I lack the courage.

I will write to you again after the seance has been completed. Please do not worry. The house is largely empty in preparation of the move. It will be just myself and Madame Sousa, the famous medium.


Henry Smith


Originally a PC game from 2008, made using ADRIFT.

The 2020 release, for the ZX Spectrum, was created with the Lantern.

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