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Crystals of Kings

Zenobi Software info 1993

Keith Burnard, Steven R. Burnard
Entered by:
Gunness, Sudders



For hundreds of years, the races of the world have been at peace under the rule of the "House of Brenn". The mighty kings of this ancient line have used the "CRYSTALS OF KINGS" to keep control and order amongst all creatures and all has seen peace and harmony for as long as the memory of man can recall.

The crystals, four in all, have a magical source of command and power. CARETH BRENN, the present king, has used the crystals, like his forefathers before him, to help the many races of the world to unite in harmony and live in peace. But this is now no longer the case .....

For on the fateful night of the "Golden Moon", when the "House of Brenn" was deep in celebration, Medillion Karma, an evil twisted mage, entered the "Silver Tower" and stole the crystals. Then hiding them throughout the land, he threw the realm into confusion and chaos.

Many wars broke out and many kingdoms fell to the sword. Great evils came forth from the shadows, but none more evil than the "Priests Of The Unholy Order", followers of Medillion Karma. They spread fear wherever they went and committed many abominations in the name of their new king.

YOU have been asked by your king, CARETH BRENN, to seek out the crystals and to restore peace, harmony and sanity to the realm once again. Good luck ... You will need it!!

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