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Games - AWS (11 results)

The Adventure Writing System (AWS) has been produced by Aristide Torrelli to produce classic-style interactive fiction adventure games for Windows (or Mac and Linux via Wine).

A separate AWS2C tool by Davide Bucci allows users to convert the AWS files to a standard C source that then can be compiled to run on 8-bit hardware such as the C64.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Conte di Montecristo, El Aristide Torrelli 1996 English
Iunnuh 2 Aristide Torrelli 2015 Italian
Iunnuh 2 The Curse from the Past Aristide Torrelli, Davide Bucci 2018 English
Patrol at the Dawn Aristide Torrelli, Davide Bucci 2014 English
Pattuglia all'alba Aristide Torrelli, Davide Bucci 2014 English
Piramide di Iunnuh, La MC Microcomputer 1984 Italian Solution
Queen's Footsteps, The Poly.Play 2020 English Solution
Salvate lo Stregatto Marco Vallarino info 2013 Italian
Silk Dust Davide Bucci 2021 English
Tra due giorni la gara Davide Bucci 2019 Italian
Two Days to the Race Davide Bucci 2019 English Solution