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Abyssal Zone, The (Abyssal_Zone.txt)

by Jeff Grey (1984 Salty Software)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Apple Version)

(Start on the beach of a tropical island), READ SIGN (beware of sharks), E, LOOK BEACH, GET SAND-
DOLLAR, S, S, S (forest where you meet a monkey), TALK MONKEY (says if the snakes don't get you

then the volcano will), W, LOOK TREE (see a large poisonous snake hanging from a branch), N, N 
(meet a colourful toucan), LOOK TOUCAN (molting), GET FEATHER, W, W, S, S (tree covered in vines), 
U (tree), LOOK BRANCH (see a can of shark repellent), GET CAN, D, W, U, LOOK TREE (see a spear 
sticking from the tree), GET SPEAR, D, E, N, N, N, N (east/west beach), E, LOOK BEACH (see a bottle 
of suntan oil), GET BOTTLE, E, E, WEAR OIL, N (snorkeling over a coral reef where you meet a large 
man eating shark), THROW SPEAR (the shark dodges it and heads out to sea).

N (you made it just as the island's volcano exploded... you are diving on Eli's reef), N
area), EXAMINE SEA-FAN (find bottle with note), READ NOTE (it is sealed inside an unbreakable 
bottle), GET BOTTLE, S, W, N (fire coral), W, N (see large steel locker), USE OIL, OPEN LOCKER, GET 
SUIT, WEAR SUIT (this will protect against the shark), E, LOOK VASE-SPONGE (find a diver's 
flashlight), GET FLASHLIGHT, E, N, E (see giant clam), TICKLE CLAM (using the feather – it opens),

GET FISH, W, S, S (spiny sea urchins), E (you are confronted by a large spotted moray eel), EXAMINE 
EEL, GIVE FISH (he invites you into his cave), LOOK CAVE (find a tank of helium), GET TANK, S, W 
(your steel mesh suit protects against the shark), N, N, N (surrounded by stinging jellyfish), WEAR 

D (you descend into the oceans abyss where the helium mixture frees you from the intoxicating 
effects of nitrogen – you meet a mermaid), TALK MERMAID (Melinda, Queen of Atlantis who has a 
pendant which you must never look at), GET PENDANT, D (you are over the deep abyssal plains of the 
ocean), N, DROP BOTTLE, W (rocky ledge where you meet a grouper preparing to swallow you), N 
(grouper swallows and eventually spits you... you find yourself in the black depths of the ocean 
minus some of your possessions which can be collected later from the cave), N, W, W (back to rocky 
ledge), N (by plane), N (cockpit), LOOK PLANE, GET RECORDER, S, S, W (east/west trench – grouper
now gone), W, W, N (cave where you will find the objects lost when the grouper swallowed you), GET 
guard sees the pendant and falls asleep).

N (north/south trench where you see a lobster boat), N, E, E (see large sunken ship), N (helm), 
LOOK BOOK (the captain's log reads "A dollar a day keeps the guard away"), S, W, N, N
house), LOOK TABLE, GET KNIFE (this action triggers a flag for the length of time before air runs 
out), S, U (outer slope of reef), U, N (tropical island), U (top of palm tree), GET COCONUT, D, EAT 
COCONUT (otherwise you die of hunger and thirst), PLAY RECORDER (note you cannot do this underwater 
- you hear a female voice which tells you to say Hippocampus to Lucia), S, D, D, N (shell house), 
GET TANK, S, E, E, N (confronted by an Atlantean seahorse guard), HIPPOCAMPUS (on hearing this 
strange word the seahorse becomes uncontrollable).

N (you are diving in the region of the blue holes), D (ancient underwater limestone cave), N (in 
the blue hole maze), E, N, U (pool), E, S, N, W, N (you are drifting weightlessly over the
of the Ocean"), D, W (ledge), N (entrance to monitoring system where a guard prevents entry),
DOLLAR (the guard accepts your bribe and says "When in the monitor room, press 1 if by air and
for the zoo, 3 and 4 will be up to you"... he swims away), N (monitoring room), PRESS 1 (a
flies over the island), PRESS 2 (see humans locked in cages), PRESS 3 (a cable extends from the 
crystal), PRESS 4 (an alien stares back at you), S, S, E, N (oceanic trench where a strange force 
prevents further movement), LOOK CRYSTAL (see the hidden cable that was seen on the monitor), CUT 
CABLE (using knife – it severs it causing a tremendous explosion… just before you lose 
consciousness you manage to inflate your life vent which then floats you slowly to the surface…
next thing you remember is waking up in hospital where a nurse congratulates you for freeing the 
many people trapped beneath the ocean and for solving the mystery of the Abyssal Zone).


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