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General info | Spectrum | C64 | Apple II | BBC | Amstrad | Oric | TRS80 | Online games
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General Info:


Interest: Massive. Probably has the largest selection of adventure games for any computer. World of Spectrum lists over 2,000 games!

  • World of Spectrum - a fabulous site and the only Spectrum page you'll ever want to visit. Run by Martijn van der Heide. This site has the largest number of adventure games for any computer anywhere on the net!
  • The TZX Vault does a terrific job of preserving Spectrum software, including rare adventure games.
  • Zenobi - the publisher of more than 200 text adventures has an informative site here. They sell all their games on a cd for a mere £5, so if you enjoy Zenobi's adventures, I strongly urge you to support them in this manner.


Commodore C64

Interest: Massive. Large numbers of quality games that also boast some of the best graphics and sonics of the 8-bit machines. And yes, there are lots of stinkers, too.

  • Gamebase64 is a massive project that covers (almost) every games ever released for the C64!
  • Lemon 64 is an outstanding collection of C64 games, including adventures.
  • links to many remakes of C64 games.


Apple II

Interest: Large. The selection isn't as huge as for C64 or Spectrum, but since the games only come on disks, they generally tend to be quite large. In addition, they load a great deal faster than their C64 disk counterparts. Unfortunately, the Apple II emulation scene isn't exactly teeming with life.

  • Asimov - has a large number of of Apple II adventures.


Interest: Medium. The BBC has a number of unique games, including some excellent offerings from Acornsoft. A lot of them are technically primitive, but worth your while all the same.



Interest: Medium. Quite a lot of games are available, but few that are not running on C64 or Spectrum as well. Exception: games in French are abundant.

  • Amstrad CPC - this site has a lot of interesting adventures, including the infamous Philosopher's Quest.

  • The Balrog a.k.a. Stu Whyte runs an excellent site about Amstrad adventures, including a complete list of every Amstrad adventure ever released![archived link]
  • CPC Game Reviews reviews all sorts of titles, including adventure games.


Interest: Small-medium. The range of games available is fairly small and many of them are quite primitive. There are, however, a number of games for Oric that weren't released in other formats, including many titles in French. The emulation scene seems very limited.



  • Greg Hassett, one of the pioneers of the early adventure scene, wrote a number of Scott Adams-like adventures for the TRS-80. Other than that, I really don't know much about this machine. Check for further info.

Online Games

  • Infocom's adventures playable online
  • iFiction features many games, including the entire Scott Adams and Brian Howarth range!
  • The Greedy Dwarf has been remade as an online game
  • Parchment lets you play dozens of Inform games via your browser.
  • Zinc is an interpreter for Inform and TADS games. Has inbuilt mapping tools and allows for multiplayer IF!