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Reviews (72 results)

Latest Reviews:

Title Teaser Date Reviewer Overall score
Adventure Guide06-02-2018Sudders4/10
Time Switch29-08-2017Sudders4/10

Time travel to stop the end of the world. There's fun to be had, but only sign up if you can handle the wonky implementation.


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Title Date Reviewer Overall score
1 Line Cave Adventure01-02-2016Sudders4/10
Acheton29-07-2014Richard Bos8/10
Adventure Guide06-02-2018Sudders4/10
Anello di Lucrezia Borgia, L'25-07-2016Zuperfaust8/10
Arrow of Death Part 116-06-2016Sudders6/10
Arrow of Death Part 223-08-2016Sudders5/10
Assassin, The08-02-2017Sudders5/10
Astronave Condannata, L'26-07-2016Zuperfaust6/10
Beneath the Temple of Zeus02-06-2016Sudders5/10
Beyond Zork09-05-2012Quantum9/10
Burlish Adventure09-03-2017Sudders7/10
Castle of Terror06-08-2015NomadColossus5/10
Castle, The19-10-2016Sudders5/10
Cave Adventure07-10-2014bbc_nettle1/10
Cave Quest22-07-2016Zuperfaust4/10
Cave Quest: La Terra delle Ragazze-Farfalla25-07-2016Zuperfaust4/10
Caverne des Morlocks, La27-08-2015jgerrie6/10
Chateau Gaillard14-05-2014jgerrie7/10
City of Alzan, The15-03-2017Sudders5/10
Corona di Pietra, La28-07-2016Zuperfaust5/10
Crown of Lithrune, The04-04-2016Sudders5/10
Crystal Quest29-09-2016Sudders7/10
Desert Adventure09-05-2012Quantum6/10
Devil's Palace11-10-2010Dorothy7/10
Dinosaur Adventure20-07-2017Sudders6/10
Drago delle Caverne, Il27-07-2016Zuperfaust6/10
Dragonstar Trilogy Part I, The11-12-2014dunjenkeepa1/10
Easy Peasy Adventure31-01-2017Sudders6/10
Enchanted Castle, The08-10-2014Sudders5/10
Escape From Pulsar 725-08-2016Sudders7/10
Espionage Island25-02-2016Sudders6/10
Eye of Bain, The23-02-2016Sudders8/10
Feasibility Experiment21-12-2016Sudders6/10
Gateway to the Savage Frontier27-05-2010Mark10/10
Golden Apple, The25-01-2016Sudders7/10
Golden Baton, The02-03-2016Sudders7/10
Ground Zero24-02-2016Sudders9/10
Haunted Forest03-03-2016jgerrie6/10
Inca Curse23-02-2016Sudders7/10
Jaws: The Text Adventure29-03-2016Sudders5/10
Lone Survivor10-10-2010Gunness4/10
Manic Badger20-07-2017Sudders6/10
Mines of Saturn22-07-2016Sudders3/10
Missione Odessa20-06-2016Zuperfaust9/10
Mistero della Piramide, Il22-06-2016Zuperfaust9/10