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Castle Dracula (Castle_Dracula.txt)

Castle Dracula
by Paul Johnson of Mercury Software

Solution - TI-99/4a version.

This solution is for the TI-99/4a beta version available from Paul Johnson's web site. As this
version is marked 'beta' it could be that there are some differences between this version
and the commercial release, and therefore this solution may not be a step-by-step solution for the
commercial game.

Note that the parser in this game is very limited, few abbreviations are allowed so type the
commands as shown.

(Type in your name then press the enter key), l, n, l, r, dig earth (or dig grave), n, n, l, enter
waterfall, l, remove algae, r, u.

N, l, r (read it backwards), s, s, l, r, enter mirror (the sequel is 'Alice through the Looking
Glass'), igor (from reading the letter), l, r (letter substitution 1=a, 2=b, etc.), remove
mortar, enter hole.

L, l, l, remove shutters, enter coffin (or enter coffins), d, s, l, get rock, s, l, drop rock, l,
enter crack, l, r (the book is the Bible), s, l, s, s, l, u, enter hole.

L, play c, w, l, r (refer to Chapter 1 of Genesis - King James Authorised translation -
'Vx,y' means look at Verse x and count y characters to find the letter), say magic.


By Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)