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Exorcism (Exorcism.txt)

On SynTax Disks 656a/b for Amiga only

Solution from the author, David Lacey

Lift carpet, get silver, x table, get pad, N, E, x chairs, get
cushion, x chair, get pencil, W, S, W, rub pencil on pad, number
4652279, read diary, get crucifix, W, N, W, throw crucifix, W, X
mural, x threads, get thread, N, get stool, get vase, S, S, S,
open freezer, fill vase, drop stool, stand stool, open cupboard,
get garlic, D, x counter, get knife, N, N, N, U, pour water, N,
drop cushion, cut cord, get wooden, unlock door, W, get torch, E,
E (must have silver key), looku bed, get axe.

W, S, E, break wall, E, read file, W, W, D, S, E, N, x straw, get
horseshoe, tie thread to horseshoe, S, S, get ladder, N, E (must
have garlic), drop ladder, put horseshoe in hole, climb ladder, E,
get cross, W, N, W, S, get can, N, E, N, NW, NW, SW, S, oil door,
W, open coffin, x skeleton, get paper.

E, N, NE, SE, SE, S, W, S, get hacksaw, NW, S, read paper, lift
tile, get parchment, N, N, D, unlock metal, W (must have torch),
cut slats, U, W, W, W, S, S, open car, get Bible, get holy, N, N,
E, E, E, D, E, U, U, N, N, read Bible, throw water, say Tesoryp.

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