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Ad Verbum (Ad_Verbum.txt)

This is one solution for Nick Montfort's Ad Verbum, a game of wordplay.
Although the game itself advises you to consult a thesaurus, unfortunately
not all theoretically valid words in mine were recognised. Even so, a good
one can make your task rather easier. Even more helpful, though, is to
read everything Ad Verbum throws at you: not just any readable object in
the game, such as books - though you certainly should read those - but
also the pop-up boxes you get when you first enter certain rooms. There
are clues everywhere; you never know what useful words you might pick up.

  Initial lobby:
Go east, get the verbosifier, west and up, drop verbosifier.
South, warning, south. Seize stapler, shift sofa, skedaddle, drop all.
East, eat effigy, eat ewer, exit, drop all.
North, nab nappy, not north, drop all.
West, wield weapon, whack wainscoting with weapon, wield widget, withdraw.
Get all, push button until you get a loveseat, get loveseat, answer yes.
Put all except verbosifier in dumpster, drop verbosifier.

  Ante- and penultimate lobby:
Up, up, read sign, south, snag stylus, split.
East, read copybook, hold it, read abecedarian, acquire book,
read casing, pick it up, read writ, rip writ, west.
North, examine pig. Igpay, ogay outhsay (groan); south.
Igpay, ogau upay; Up; igpay, ogay estway, drop all, west, feed feed.
Exit exit, get all, down, down, down, put all in dumpster.

  Ground and top floor:
Open door. Difficult. Again. Again. North.
Take dinosaur. Say slurpasaurus to Georgie, say gunnessaurus to Georgie,
say <any other invented dinosaur names> to Georgie until he gives up.
Take dinosaur, south, up, up, up, up, take manual, down, down, down, down.
Read manual, pull button, get battery, north, wave battery, south.
Throw all in dumpster.

Oh, you want to know how to get the Last Lousy Point? Well, I'm not
telling, but... at any convenient point, invoke some appropriate magic.

                                               -- Richard Bos, August 2014