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Civil Service (Civil_Service.txt)


N, read notice, enter (building), examine door, type MW (meadow), N, 
examine door, type AI (alibi), NE, examine door, type RN (reason), NW, 
examine door, type CD (crammed), NW, examine door, type HS, (harrass), 
NE, type March Winds, N, N, look at vane (it swings North), S, Fizz (back 
to the front of the building).

W, examine rock, examine crevices, feel crevices, get torch, NW, examine 
church (two men are digging a new grave), NW, enter (church), E, examine 
grille, look in grille, W, W, kneel (you pull out a mat), get mat, 
examine altar, get casket, examine casket, S, leave.

W, enter (school), N, say hello, type 64 (8 sons each with 7 sons of 
their own), S, W, say hello, print royal houses (it's a mnemonic for 
royal families from 1066 to date), E, E, say hello, say pi (a 
mathematical mnemonic), W, leave, E, SW (an invigilator passes carrying 
two discs).

Enter (barn), examine shelf, push straw under shelf, U, get disc, D, 
leave, SW, W, S. say hello, enter, W, W, W, W, W, print 94 (the sequence 
is the multiplication table for the number 7 with the numerals reversed), 
N, examine statue ('a beautiful woman …commissioned by L-R-L safe'), 
examine woman ('38-24-40! Some figure!' Mr. Lockerby gets a tad sexist 
here). S, E (all the way to the exit), leave.

E, examine door, unlock door, enter (engineer's house), close door, 
examine door, get key, open door, E,  move bed, get coin, examine coin (a 
clue to its use), W, leave.

E, say hello (it's the old stop the animals eating each other problem), 
W, W, N, E, E, drop all, enter, row S, leave, get dog, enter, drop dog, 
row N, get dog, leave, drop dog, enter, row S, leave, get chicken, enter, 
drop chicken, row N, get chicken, leave, drop chicken, get dog, enter, 
drop dog, row S, get dog, leave,  drop dog, get lamb, enter, drop lamb, 
row N, get lamb, leave, drop lamb, enter, row S, leave, get dog, enter, 
drop dog, row N, get dog, leave, drop dog, call invigilator, get all.

E, NW, NW, E, unlock door, enter, examine power unit, read notice, insert 
coin, turn on power, turn off power, leave, examine sails, get newspaper, 
read newspaper (a lost aircraft - the SEER 959), turn off power, turn on 
power, leave, x sails, get magazine, read magazine (it's Adventure 
Probe), enter, turn off power, turn on power, leave, examine sails, get 
holdall,  enter, pull lever, get flour (in the holdall), leave.

W, SE, SE, E, Fizz, N, throw disc North, S, Fizz, S, W, enter, say hello, 
give flour, leave, W, W (another invigilator passes with a disc), W, W, 
enter, W (all the way to the penultimate room 94), N, get disc, S, E (all 
the way back to the exit), leave, E, E, E, E, N, Fizz, N, N, look at 
vane, throw disc East, S, S, Fizz.

S, W, enter, get bread, leave, E, SE, get disc, NW, N, Fizz, N, N, E, 
look at vane (until it points North), throw disc North,  N, N, feed birds 
(they disappear, but leave a silver key), unlock casket, examine casket 
(the Amethyst), N, examine door (so that's why you need the key below the 
grille in the church), S, S, S, W, S, S, Fizz.

S, SE, U (tree), cast mat on wall (an odd command!), D, NW, N, W, NW (the 
grave has been dug), D, get shovel, dig (twice), get bone, examine bone, 
U, NW, SW, SW, put all in holdall, wear holdall, throw shovel into well, 
climb rope, dig by north wall, get torch, turn torch on, N, U, dig, get 
garnet, U, U, U, get golden key, D, D, D, SW, S, drop shovel, turn off 
torch, put all in holdall, climb rope. E, E, E, S, SE, U.

Get bone, jump across, cast bone over wall, jump down, W, examine 
building, get ladder, examine door (another numerical sequence), type 21, 
enter, N, E, lean ladder against North wall, U, get emerald, D, get 
ladder, W, W, examine safe, turn dial left to 38, turn dial right to 24, 
turn dial left to 40, examine safe, get beryl.

E, N, W, examine chest, type seer 959, examine chest, get tiara, E, E, 
get picture, examine picture (the combination is the length of the first 
word in each line), type 49352, examine safe, get agate (the last of the 
six jewels), close safe, replace picture (a tidy man, our Mr. Lockerby!).

W, S, S, leave, E, lean ladder against wall, U, jump across, D, NW, N, 
Fizz, N, N, E, N, N, N, get golden key, unlock door, remove the holdall 
(make sure that all of the six jewels are in the holdall - you'll need to 
remove and drop some items), enter (you win and start your career in the 
civil service as a tea girl or boy!).

A Wibble and Blim production for The Classic Adventure Solution Archive

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