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Horrorscope (Aura-Scope_hints.txt)

by Square Peg
Zenobi Software


This is one of the longest games I have ever played. While the premise 
is clear (you are to find 12 tokens to rebuild the Zodiac) the game is 
by no means straightforward. There are locations only available by boat 
or ship, and these provide shortcuts to some locations as well as being 
the only way to access other locations. Some locations are not 
available at the beginning of the game but emerge only later, so you 
often need to revisit places where certain exits were barred. Almost 
all objects (with the exception of the antidote) are necessary. There 
are some riddles to solve. Knowledge of mythology and the Zodiac (which 
objects could be tokens and which have other functions) is helpful. 
Much retracing of steps is necessary. One token (the horn) has another 
use. To solve some of the puzzles, you will need to look at people or 
objects in a different light and associate from there. All of the fox's 
hints are false, but they do tell you where you need to go.

These objects for each of the signs of the Zodiac are: (some of these 
may be incorrect)
Sagittarius - arrow
Libra - scales
Virgo - gown
Leo - dandelion
Cancer - claw
Gemini - ring
Taurus - sting
Aries - goatskin
Pisces - fish
Aquarius - pitcher
Capricorn - horn

Typing HELP gives you some very general hints. 

The order you get the tokens is not prescribed and this walkthrough 
describes only one way. Maybe you can find a shorter way.

Find a central location to drop objects. I used the ruins, se of the 
gates, hence this walkthrough frequently returns there. If you choose 
another location, your steps may vary.

In this walkthrough, the first token is deposited in the hall (where 
you began). After that, deposits are made after several tokens are 
acquired. You may choose to do otherwise.

Venus needs a poem - she allows you to get rid of the wolf and pull the 
lever. You will get the poem once you rescue Andromeda and visit 
Cassopeia. Pulling the lever occurs late in the game.

Berenice, once she has a "simple" instrument - the lyre is not it - you need 
to get the triangle, has a comb which will let you stop scratching and examine 
the flea. But you need another object to do that. In order to examine the 
flea, you need a microscope which you can get by solving an anagram in the 
science lab.

Orion wants a goatskin. Make sure you have the Fleece before visiting him.

The compass needs to be fixed. Iron the tapestry to get the needed object. 
Wear it all the time. In order to get Bootes to help you, you need to give him 
the shield. The cross is needed to do that.

The garden is good for planting things. It needs assistance (manure).

The sly fox will give you many hints about which area to explore next. All his 
hints are false, but they will tell you where you need to go. Keep returning 
to the freezer to get a morsel. He will take all except the lettuce and tomato 
roll. Once you have that, you need to get rid of it before you can get another 
morsel and thus, another hint.

Be patient with Perseus. You will get what you need eventually.

Close the shutters early in the game. It will give you something you need.

Picking a card when you see Pluto: you may need to "save and restore" or add 
another command to ensure that you get to pick three cards and get an object 
(wand) that will allow you to open the chest. Remember Medusa - you need to 
keep your eyes closed. The chest is necessary when you see Cetus.

The hot water bottle protects you from the cold.

You will need three things to build the Argo - the sail, the deck and the 
keel. Drop them at the disused shipyard and they will fall down to the 

The flea, which the puppy gives you, is an annoyance - nothing else. You can 
SCRATCH - but you can also ignore it.

Coins are needed to buy the antidote, though you can finish the game without 
it. However, the coin is necessary for trips on the ferry.

Look through the window. When you see the tools, THROW SUIT THROUGH WINDOW. 
You can pick it up later in order to pick up the plank.

The crane breaks down walls as well as picking up the necessary objects to 
build the Argo (3 things).

Follow the instructions of the scythe the minute you get them.

When you are "captured" by the spectre, use what you see. Pour him a drink - 
then you can get away.

You need the chisel to get a figurehead made. You need a canvas to paint the 
name on the ship. Both these actions are necessary, otherwise the ship will 
not sail to where it needs to go.

The rope is needed in several places. Make sure you remember where you left 

CLIMB LADDER gets you up. CLIMB DOWN, gets you down.

PULL PLANK twice. You need to be wearing the armour, otherwise you die.

The key is needed to operate the crane. PUT KEY IN MACHINE. To stop, STOP 

Embers need to be put in buckets. You need the tongs to do that. They are also 
needed to TAKE EMBERS FROM BUCKET in order to LIGHT PYRE. You need to do this 
when the Phoenix is "waiting". Remember - the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Pulling the lever, once you get rid of the wolf, occurs late in the game. You 
need to have given Venus the poem.

I am not sure whether you need to STOP CLOCK, but do it nevertheless.

HOLD NOSE, (then QUIT HOLDING NOSE), when you see the flies. This will get 
them to the university. When they are buzzing around the, scholars, SWOT FLIES 
(note the spelling).

The antidote to get past the serpent is not really needed. Once you are 
changed into a mongoose, you do not need to return there. In order for that to 
happen, you need to find and throw the coconut.

The desert is a tricky place. In order to explore it fully, you need the cup 
filled with water. There are several exits from the desert - W, W, from the 
corpse, and W, S, S, from the Indian, and W, S, from there.

Once you rescue Andromeda (you need the bug to give to the crow), you will get 
birdseed, which will get you another token.

Return to the freezer to get morsels which you can give to the sly fox. When 
you get the lettuce and tomato roll, do not return. Give this to the Centaur.

MIX HONEY WITH WATER (once you have the cup with water, this will produce 
Mead. This is necessary in order to get the joke.

I do not know how you are supposed to know to SAY ASUDE when you see the arrow 
imbedded in the tree. Just do it.

Once you have the sword, and the furnace is lit, the sword becomes usable. Get 
the lightning once you have lit the furnace, by going into the storm.

Neptune tells you a hint. POUR OIL on troubled waters. You get the oil by 
outracing the hare. You can only do that it you have Mercury's potion. It is 
not needed elsewhere.

The wand is needed to unlock the chest's spell.

The lizard and the web are a tricky puzzle. Remember to do things CAREFULLY.

PUT (token) ON PLINTH.

GET ON/OFF SHIP to move on land.

You need the sword to trim the Unicorn's horn and to cut the swan's 

EXAMINE THE LOWEST BRANCH - follow the instructions carefully after you 
have thrown the coconut. You may need to throw the coconut more than 

PUT FLEDGLING IN NEST - this will get you the cosmic antidote to give 
to the mother. Do not confuse the two antidotes.

When you see the giraffe, remember to CLIMB TREE, but CLIMB DOWN.

The rope is needed in several places - to pull out the scythe, and to 
give to the Centaur. Remember where you dropped it.  

There are two buckets. Don't get upset if you cannot get one.

Do not panic when the peacock takes the crown. Enlist the help of the 
Centaur once you have given him the lettuce and tomato roll and you 
have returned to see him.

In the cavern with the scales - this is a lovely pun and riddle. To 
play the basics, you need to PLAY SCALES.

You cannot explore the cathedral and altar until you have cleared the 
mists with Uranus. In order to do that you will have to pull the lever 
where the wolf is. In order to do that, you will have to have given the 
poem to Venus.

The shovel is needed to put the manure in the bucket. CLEAN STABLE. The 
bucket with manure is needed when you plant the acorn in the garden. 

Be sure to LOOK THROUGH TELESCOPE when you are at the university. 

Coins are needed to get on the ferry and to buy an antidote. Only the 
former is needed.

The hot water bottle is needed to get past the cold.

The compass is needed to navigate and reach places otherwise not 

Several blocked exits are available later in the game, once you have 
necessary objects and have executed some other actions.

Give the powder to the lynx. You will need to have TRIM HORN first. For 
that you need the sword.

You can sail the ship to many places.

St. George's Cross will save you from the Dragon's fire. 

Bootes can help if you give him something.

Terri Sheehan

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