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Discord (Discord.txt)

By Sean Barrett
For Z-code interpreters

Solution by Garry Francis
You know that the mask, the banana and the tea have been stolen from the museum and you have three
suspects. Ask each of the suspects about each of the objects and about each other. When any new
items are mentioned, ask each of the suspects about each of the new items. Continue this process
until there is evidence of means, motive and opportunity.

This is a minimal solution that shows only the questions that lead to a conclusion.

ASK ELIOT ABOUT BANANA (he mentions chair)
ASK THERESA ABOUT CHAIR (she mentions man)
ASK HER ABOUT MAN (she names him as Grant Stern and he was in the museum)
ASK HANK ABOUT MAN (more evidence against Grant Stern)
ASK ELIOT ABOUT MAN (and more, that's enough to arrest him)
***THE END***