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Pants on the Run (Pants_on_the_Run.txt)

Pants on the Run
By Jonathan Fry, Kim-Loi Mergenthaler
For Z-code interpreters

Solution by Garry Francis
There is no way in the world that anyone will ever solve this dismal game without some assistance,
so here's the logic behind it.

If you attempt to go south from the lobby, you step towards the door and the words "MR.
TAMBOURINE MAN!!!" ring out behind you. As William Shatner is the only person present, we must
assume that he is the one that shouted it.

"Mr. Tambourine Man" is the title of a song written by Bob Dylan in 1965. William Shatner
did a cover version of it on his first album "The Transformed Man" in 1968. Shatner's
cover is truly awful and was once voted as the worst song of all time. Nevertheless, this reference
gives us a link to Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan was born on 24 May 1941. This adventure was written on 24 May 2001, Bob Dylan's 60th
birthday. The adventure is subtitled "An Interactive Birthday Card", therefore "HAPPY

And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't work this out for myself, although I did
recognise the reference to the William Shatner cover version, where he shouts the song's title
at the end. In desperation, I resorted to David Welbourn's walkthrough and he, in turn, had
resorted to TXD to disassemble it.

Bottom line? This is one of the worst "adventures" of all time, just as William
Shatner's "Mr. Tambourine Man" is one of the worst "songs" of all time.

Incidentally, you die in the end, but, as David Welbourn says, "Let's pretend that's
a win and move on, because that's the best we can hope for with this one."

***THE END***