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Safehouse (Safehouse.txt)

By Benjamin Sokal
For Z-code interpreters

Solution by Garry Francis
This is a minimal solution. You'll need to EXAMINE lots of things for this solution to make
sense. You'll need to type SPELLS to find out what spells are available to you. You'll
also need to use an obscure spell from Crowther and Woods' original Adventure, and it's
not listed amongst your spells. (Too bad if you weren't even born back then!)

(SPELLS) (to see what spells you've got)
G (portal appears)
FROTZ PORTAL (entering portal would reveal smell of lobster & rejection)
G (entering portal would reveal smell of diesel fuel & premature ending)
G (entering portal would reveal smell of sickness & another premature ending)
ENTER PORTAL (reveals smell of popcorn & happy ending)
***THE END***