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Quest For the Poorly Snail (Quest_For_Poorly_Snail_hints.txt)

Spectrum 48 
You are a knight of the square table. You have been locked away in Decter's 
castle for years and are planning your escape. As you read Snail's letter, you 
do not forget that Moron le Fay locked you up in the first place. 
There are some random elements here. While you can enter Parts 2 and 3 without 
all the needed objects, you may need to go back to a saved game and replay 
from there. 
EXAMINE the guard and take what he has. 
LISTEN (until the guard comes in). 
You need to TAKE BOOK two times in order to have it. 
When you see a man, you have no way of knowing if he has what you want. Follow 
him around until you can ask him if he has a rope. 
Sometimes you may need to wait, or look around, until an event happens. One of 
those places is after you take the gum. 
Don't know how to do Fay in? Move the bed when you are trapped. You need to 
move it into a particular location. 
Use the broom where it is dirty. 
Wash the plate where you can. 
Terri Sheehan
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