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Wakemare (Wakemare_hints.txt)

by Richard Otter
Spectrum 48

This is an interesting, tidy game with not to much retracing of steps needed, 
and logical puzzles. Your objective is to collect items to help you sleep. You 
also need to find the right place to sleep. 


At the beginning you are told:

1. Find something to sleep in (a camp bed, plus a pillow, sheets, and a 
2. Find something to comfort you (a teddy bear).                        
3. Find something to wear (a cap and pyjamas, [worn], and slippers).     
4. Find something to help you sleep (a tonic). 

Some objects are needed more than once. 

There are two major areas to explore, and to which you need to return. You begin 
in one. The other is accessible my sliding down the banister. You can return via 
the front door with the help of a ladder. You don't need the rope until close to 
the end, so to avoid having to carry too many objects (you can carry a maximum 
of 10),leave it behind before exploring the other area.                  

Don't know where to sleep? A picture will tell you.

Avoid getting blood on yourself.

You need to carry the instructions in order to make the bed.

There is a time limit in this game (the clock keeps time), though it appears to 
be reasonably generous.

The dwarf kills you? You need a shield of some kind.

A few items can only be examined if you are carrying them.

Need a bridge to cross the room with no floor? Check out the kitchen.

Bricks can be moved in one room, but not the other.

Can't get the lion to get up? What do lion tamers use? CRACK what you make.

You need the axe, though not to kill opponents.

You will need to return to the coffin again in order to kill the vampire. With 
what? Of course you know. You don't need to find garlic, though.

Can't get the socks? Deal with the two men first.

Give the musician something not suitable for a little girl.

There are several puzzles which bear no relation to your quest, but they give 
you points.

Can't find a ladder? Ladders are also known as "runs" in hosiery.

There are several red herrings: the bread knife, Elvis Impersonator, trying to 
find something for the shabby man to read, the table, the jerry, the brick, the 
chair, paperback book. hardcover book.

Terri Sheehan

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