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Murder, Mystery (Murder_Mystery_Solution.txt)

MURDER, MYSTERY by Grant Wilson and Matthew Collins, 1986
RZXed by Paul E. Collins
Typed in by boldir, October 2020

exam desk, read letter, open hall door, n, open front door, n, go to manor house, knock on door, go
in, say yes, exam photo, exam paper, e, climb drain pipe, exam footstep, get wallet, exam bed, exam
wallet closely, get key, exam key closely, d, w, go to crescent lane, knock on door, say yes, go in,
say no, exam bean-bag, get note, read note, go to manor house, go to rakeham hill, w, n, get slab,
s, e, n, unlock door, open door, go in, w, drop slab, climb onto slab, u, get hook, d, n, exam
cupboard closely, e, exam trousers closely, pull thread, get jewels, w, s, e, out, s, e, e, n, say
dowse killed her husband, say follow me, s, w, s, lower hook, pull hook (You have completed 100% of
the game. 69 turns taken.)