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Hobbit, The (hbit.txt)

 Find him in the wooden town in the middle of the long lake. If he's not
there, go away and come back until he shows up. If he still doesn't show up,
there's always the chance that he's been killed, in which case you've no 
choice but to start again or resume an earlier saved game. When he 
eventually shows, SAY TO BARD 'NORTH', then follow him yourself for two
locations before you change his direction of movement with SAY TO BARD 'UP'.
 When you an he both run out of UPs to follow, SAY TO BARD 'NORTH' again
until you both reach the hall where the dragon sleeps. Some players suggest
you try to CARRY BARD, which apparently works sometimes. As for what happens
when you meet the dragon, see under 'The Dragon'.

 TIE TORCH to take a torch from the wall, then TAKE ROPE to give you a
torch and rope tied together.

 To cross it, try HELP. If that doesn't get you on the right track, then
THROW ROPE ACROSS: you may need to try it a few times. PULL to haul the boat
the boat across from the other side, then CLIMB INTO BOAT to sail across
and CLIMB OUT at the other side.

 To avoid capture, wear the magic ring. If he happens to turn up just at the
moment when the magic wears off, you'll need to know how to escape from the
dungeon: see under 'Elvenkings Dungeon'.

 Can't escape from here - avoid going in.

 You can't kill this on your own, you need to get Bard to do it for you.
SAY TO BARD 'SHOOT DRAGON' is the command needed. You may need to repeat this
a few times. As with all commands in the Hobbit, if they don't work after
maybe half a dozen requests, the possibility is that they may not work at 
all, so you'll have to start again or go back to an earlier saved game.
 It can be maddening, but the artificial intelligence routines built into
the program mean that there's no way round it.

 Find him in Rivendell, and SAY TO ELROND 'READ MAP'. You will get one of
several replies, which you don't need to note down, though what you do need
to note is that whichever route Elrond tells you about is only created in 
the game at that moment. If you didn't ask him to read the map, that route
would remain blocked off to you. He may also give you some food if you
WAIT around.

 Try HELP first of all. Watch the butler and note his movements. WAIT until
he unlocks the door, WEAR RING to make yourself invisible for a few moves,
and leave when the butler opens the door. SW takes you to the cellar, or
WEST to the great halls.

 (a) Getting in: WEAR RING and EXAMINE DOOR in the elvish clearing. Then 
WAIT until door opens and immediately go NE before door closes. If you miss,
repeat the routine. WEAR RING again as soon as you're through the door.
 (b) Getting out: You can always get out the way you came in, and in later
stages of the game you may prefer to do this. On your first visit, however,
you escape through the cellar. WEAR RING at all times. In the cellar you 
need an empty barrel, so keep your eye on the butler when he visits as he
may well empty one for you. Alternatively you can OPEN BARREL and 
DRINK WINE for yourself - the program responds accordingly!
 Then you CLIMB INTO BARREL, CLOSE BARREL and WAIT until the butler throws
the barrel through the trapdoor, taking you to the next location.
 Another method is to JUMP just as you see the butler throwing a barrel,
but that can be slightly trickier on the timing.
 The main thing is to WEAR RING throughout.

 Impossible to enter. Seems to be a location that should have been removed
from the game but wasn't.

 Elrond will give you some, and there's also some in the cupboard behind
the curtain in Beorn's house. A quick way to get at this is to type the 
single command: OPEN, OPEN, GET.
 Eating builds up your strength if you're planning to smash a door, a warg,
a goblin or anything else.

 Avoid it. No escape.

 (a) Getting in: There are two ways. One is to WAIT in the large dry cave
until a goblin appears through the small insignificant crack and throws you
in the dungeon. The other is via the back door, through the goblins' gate.
Just OPEN DOOR and go DOWN.
 (b) Getting out: Through the door again, and the goblins' gate. OPEN DOOR
and UP. You must map the caves throughly. To get to the gate from the big
cavern with torches go DOWN, WEST, EAST; from the dark winding passage it's
SW, DOWN, WEST, EAST; from the location where you find the ring go NORTH,
 (c) Finding the magic ring: This is essential if you're to complete the
adventure. From the dark winding passage go SE, EAST, SE, EAST; from the 
big cavern with torches go DOWN, NORTH, SE, EAST.

 (a) Digging: Only your second priority is escaping from the dungeon, your
first is to explore. DIG SAND reveals a trapdoor, which you STRIKE or SMASH
until the thing gives way. SMASH TRAPDOOR WITH SWORD often works more 
quickly, but unfortunately often breaks your sword too and you're plunged
into darkness. You can take the small curious key, which has a small curious
use later on, but you cannot take the goblins' cache which you will also 
 (b) Escaping: HELP give you a clue: 'a window should be no obstacle to a
thief with friends'. So wait until Thorin or Gandalf turns up. This tends to
be after just a few WAITs, so if you're on the twentieth wait and there's no
sign of either of them it rather looks liek they've both been killed and
you'll have to start the game again or try going back to an earlier saved
game. If one of them does arrive, SAY TO GANDALF (OR THORIN) 'OPEN WINDOW'.
As with all commands in the Hobbit, it may well need repeating. When the
window's been opened, SAY TO THORIN (OR GANDALF) 'CARRY ME'. Once they've
picked you up, SAY TO GANDALF 'LEAVE' or SAY TO THORIN 'GO WINDOW'. As soon
as you're out of the dungeon you must of course immediately save your game,
as you're likely to be thrown back in there very quickly until you can
manage to find your way to the location with the magic ring, after which you
should be safe.

 Found by wandering round the narrow paths in the Misty Mountains. Starting
at the Misty mountains location, try typing N, NE, N, SE, D, D, D, D, E, 
GET, U, W, N. You'll then find yourself back where you started with the 
golden key in your possession. It has no use other than scoring you points,
but as you don't need maximum points to get through the game it's a bit
pointless, unless your a perfectionist.

 "What are the answers to Gollum's riddles?" is a popular question.
I don't know the answers to them all, but you don't need to. If you try to
answer and get it wrong. Gollum will probably kill you. If however, you just
ignore him and move away, nothing happens.

 Found in the trolls clearing, but if you try to get it straight away,
or just wait around, you'll get grabbed by the trolls, which is a painful
experience. Move away from the location and WAIT until you're told that a
new day has dawned. This turns the trolls to stone and you can go back and 
get the key. The key is used to open the rock door on the neatby hidden
path with footprints.

 WEAR RING, EXAMINE DOOR, WAIT (until it opens), NE.

 See entry for goblins' caves for location of ring. When you find it, 
WEAR RING. This makes you invisible for three or four moves, and stops you
being caught by the goblins, which can bring tears to your eyes. It also
puts Thorin into a panic, but thats his problem. When in the caves it's best
to type WEAR RING every other move, to be absolutely safe. Invisibility
is also useful later on in the game.

 SAY TO ELROND 'READ MAP'. Unless he does so, the route he tells you about
won't be created in the game and will remain blocked off to you.

 You can avoid the eyes by taking a different route home, but if you do
come across them you should immediately WEAR RING, go back the way you just
came, WAIT twice, then continue.

 Once you've killed the dragon and collected the treasure, you need to go
all the way back home again. Safest seems to be to go to the waterfall
and WAIT until the wood elf turns up and throws you in the Elvenking's 
Dungeon. From here you already know how to escape, and going down from the
cellar usually allows you to reach the forest river on the return journey.
 Alternatively, go out through the magic door, back to the Elvish clearing
and WEST to the bewitched gloomy place. Then again, go to the waterfall
but instead of waiting for the wood elf travel through the forest and brave
the pale bulbous eyes.

 Needs the large key to unlock it.

 Found in the trolls' cave near the start of the adventure, beyond the rock
door. You need the rope to cross the black river.

 Very strange. Some people report finishing the game with scores as low as
50%, and some with over 100%, both theoretically impossible!
 Scoring is obviously as random as some of the other elements in the 
program, but you don't need a perfect score in order to finish. 
 Some points are scored by merely visiting certain locations, others
by getting objects that have no other use at all. Generally, though, you'll
know you're on the right track if you have 25% when you leave the goblins'
dungeon, 35% after the Elvenking's dungeon and 75% when you've got the
treasure and set off home.
 You get 2% for going east from Bilbo's house, going east from the misty
mountains, entering Beorn's house, going south from the spiders' web,
going north from the spiders' web, reaching the ruins of the town of Dale
and finding the side door in the lonely mountain.
 You get 5% for entering the trolls' cave, entering the smooth straight 
passage and for leaving by the west exit after going into the Elvenking's
 You get 12% for visiting every location in the goblins caves.
 You get 10% for making a second visit to long lake, 20% for entering the 
hall where the dragon sleeps and 25% for depositing the treasure in the

 Found in the trolls' cave beyond the rock door. Useful for attacking
creatures with, but also very fragile and can break at any time. Another
reason to save your game regularly. If you can do something with your bare
hands then do it that way and don't risk the sword as this is also your
source of light in a great number of places.

 Found beneath the trapdoor in the goblins' dungeon, this has a small curious
use. If you WAIT in 'a little steep bay' on the mountain where the dragon
lives, then a hole appears which is the side door of the lonely mountain.
The key opens this door and allows you inside the mountain, which is not 
very exciting but adds to the points.

 This appears from time to time in the large dry cave, if you WAIT long 
enough, and through it a goblin will emerge and throw you into the 
goblins' dungeon. This is a quick way to get into the caves without going
round through Beorn's house, which in any case you can visit on your way
out of the caves. From one of the locations in the caves you can see the 
other side of the crack, but it's still small and insignificent.

 Use the sword found in the trolls' cave, and be careful not to break it as
it's your only source of light and is vital if you're to get through the

 The get through this you must SMASH WEB, followed by the direction in which
you wish to move. The spiders will immediately set to and try to rebuild the
web, so be prepared to SMASH WEB with each move you make. To finish the web
off completely you can try to SMASH WEB WITH SWORD, but this will also
finish the sword off completely too. If you go south from the place of 
black spiders, and then back again, you score 2.5 %.

 Help give you a clue, as indeed does reading the original book of the 
Hobbit, though this take slightly longer. To get the key that's in the 
clearing you must go away again and wait until you're told that a new day
has dawned, when you return the trolls will have been turned to stone.

 You can usually defeat this little blighter, which pops up all over the 
place. Take a bite to eat first and attack it. It's usually safe to use
your sword against it, as it seems to be made of a warg-proof material,
but save your game first just in case.

 Pops up now and again, but the place where you actually want to see it
(which means that it probably won't be there) is at the waterfall or
the running river on your journey home. WAIT until it turns up and throws
you in the Elvenking's Dungeon, from which you already know how to escape
and this then gives you a choice of routes home. If the wood elf doesn't
appear you'll have to face the pale bulbous eyes.

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