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Wheel of Fortune (Wheel_of_Fortune.txt)


Go straight from the starting location to the crossroads and then east down beggar's walk,
picking up everything as you go - the beggar will follow you.

Keep on going until you get to the location west of the vending machine, then move one location west
and then back the machine. Kick the machine and take the penny that falls out.

Go north until you meet the beggar and then turn round and follow him south. When he turns to
retrace his steps follow him until you are one location north of the machine and then give him the

Move south to the machine and empty the cup. Insert the penny that falls out into the machine for a
box of matches. Go one location north of the crossroads and drop the truncheon an then go west from
the crossroads to the building.

Search round the building for the entrance and then unlock the door with the brass key and go in.
Get the ladder and lamp and leave the key and watch where they will be safe. To leave the building
type GO OUT at the door.

Go south from the crossroads to the stone obelisk and then DROP LADDER and EXTEND LADDER. Climb up
the ladder to get the bucket. Now find the beggar and tell him to follow you.

Go to the well and tie the bucket to the rope. Then CLIMB INTO BUCKET and tell the beggar to lower
you. Don't type anything while you are being lowered. You will eventually see an exit - use

You will now be underground so use the lamp, but since you are in real time be careful not to waste

Collect as much treasure as you can, but make sure you work your way south and go into the
fly's cave and back out into the spider's cave - don't waste time though.

Now get the wheel and go back to the fly's cave for the penny. Decide for yourself what you
want to leave underground, but make sure you keep the basket.

Go to the steps and up to the trapdoor. Unbolt it and go up into the building.

Now go to the machine and insert the penny. Go back to the building and leave all your treasure
except the music box. Now spin the wheel.

Explore the area you arrive at and head for the road leading south. You will hear a bird singing.
Play the music box to get rid of it.

Now go to the china shop and ring the bell for service. Do what the man tells you and find the
farmer. When you have found him tell him THE BULL IS IN THE CHINA SHOP and lead him to it. You will
be rewarded with another penny.

Now go back to the field and explore it thoroughly. If you haven't managed to get past the
snake you must drop the basket and play the flute.

Take the basket again and go to the canal bank. When you see the troll drop the basket and play the
flute. The troll will run off and you can now enter his cave. You can leave your treasures here in

Now go and fill the cup with oil, but remember to leave the basket outside the cave so that the
troll can't get back in.

If you have got the silver bullet with you you should now go back up through the trapdoor. Go to the
machine and insert the penny and get the gun.

Load the gun with the bullet and go to the well and get the bucket. Go to the building and spin the

You will find yourself in some more caves. Use the lamp and fill the bucket with water from the
underground pool. Collect any treasures that are lying around and search for an exit.

When you find the dragon use the water in the bucket. You will now be able to go across the valley
and enter another cave complex. Use the ladder to get across the large pit. Search thoroughly for
treasures, then leave the caves and go to the road.

Search the road in both directions and use the gun to shoot the werewolf when you come across him.
Going south will find you on the north bank of the canal. Get all the treasure here and then go to
the bridge housing. You must watch your timing as you need to pick the lock, but will go to jail if
the policeman catches you.

The lock must be picked nine times to open the door and when you have done this you must go in, oil
the machinery and then puIl the handle.

Search the outside of the housing for treasure, cross the bridge, go to the trolls cave, drop all
your treasures and get your score.

If you have less than 8500 you may have missed something. Make sure you have everything and then go
up through the trapdoor and get the watch and key that you should have left there.

Now spin the wheel and the screen should flash and tell you that you are back on the country lane
where you started. The treasures you should have are gold bar, statuette, pearl necklace, diamond
brooch, key, watch, painting, medal and tray.

You should also have bracelet, truncheon, gemstone, trinket, music box, sapphire, pendant, banknote,
portrait, ore, purse, tiara, coronet, figurine and lucky charm.


This solution originally appeared in the "Electron User", published by Database