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Book of the Dead (Book_of_the_Dead.txt)

BOOK OF THE DEAD (Essential Myth)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start inside egg), BREAK EGG (you are cast onto the world's shore… you are 
on a cliff edge), GET KNIFE, S (wide plain), EXAMINE SHEEP (covered in warm 
wool), SHEAR SHEEP (using knife), DROP KNIFE, S, S (shingled shore), WASH 
FLEECE (it's clean but too heavy to lift), E, N (eastern edge of cliff), 
LIFT WEIGHTS (you feel stronger), S (to where the boulder is), GET BOULDER 
(water rushes down the channel and you hear a muffled cry from below), S 
(southern edge of cliff), EXAMINE MANGONEL (this is a catapult and you see 
it is ready to be fired), PUT BOULDER IN MANGONEL, FIRE (it hits a passing 
bird), N (shingled shore - the dead Ibis is here and a trolley is in the 
mud), GET IBIS (you are also carrying a sacred ankh… remember the Ibis had 
something in it's beak), N, W (temple where engravings depict life under the 
sun and that's what you need to dry the fleece), PRAY (Amon-Ra is pleased 
and the sun shines much hotter), E, S (the fleece is now dry), GET FLEECE.

S (southern edge of cliff), THROW FLEECE (over the cliff), THROW IBIS (also 
over the cliff), DOWN (the rope bears your weight and you find yourself in a 
rock-strewn desert - note if you are carrying anything the rope will break 
and you die), GET FLEECE, PLUCK IBIS, INVENTORY (you now have a quill), E 
(river bank), EXAMINE HERMIT (he is wet and cold), DRY HERMIT (using the 
fleece and he gives you a scroll), READ SCROLL (a gnome appears saying 
"Command me"), CURE ME (you are now cured of the time limit and the scroll 
disappears with the gnome), E (Nile River), EXAMINE RIVER, GET STILTS, WEAR 
STILTS, E (the fleece is pulled away by the river), E (the stilts become 
stuck in the mud), N, E, N, W (jungle of reeds), GET PAPYRUS (scrap), 
EXAMINE PAPYRUS (it's blank).

E, S, W, N (gates to town), WAIT (until a cloaked woman arrives and mutters 
something to the gatekeeper), N (you are asks for the watchword), SOMETHING 
(you are let into the town… Bad, Mad and Sad are here), E (embalmer's shop), 
DROP QUILL, DROP PAPYRUS, W, N, W, E (rubbish dump - there are lots of items 
here, but only take ONE at a time), GET BOWL, W (you hear footsteps of 
thugs), W (you are by the quay and a boat - note you are safe from the thugs 
here), FILL BOWL (with water), E, S (hear footsteps), S (Bad, Mad and Sad 
are still here), DROP BOWL, N, W, E (back to rubbish dump), GET FLUTE, W 
(hear footsteps), W (quay), E, S, S, GET BOWL, S (outside town gate), S, E, 
E (desert where you see a hissing cobra), PLAY FLUTE (the cobra gets bored 
and falls asleep), W, W, N, N (repeat watchword), SOMETHING, N, W, E (back 
to rubbish dump), GET MEAT, W (hear footsteps), W (quay), E, S, S, S 
(outside gate), S, E, E (by the sleeping cobra), E (obelisk - some symbols 
are on it:  Pyramid, Anchor, Rectangle, Anchor, Door, Obelisk, X… - this 
decodes to read "PARADOX").

E, FEED CROCODILES (with the meat), E, E (island in the middle of the oasis 
where you see a lit brazier), POUR WATER (from the bowl which douses the 
fire and leaves some charcoal), GET CHARCOAL, W, FILL BOWL (with water 
again), W, W, W, W, W, N (town gate), N (you are asked for the watchword 
again), SOMETHING, N, DOWN (squalid gutter - there is a beggar here holding 
out a bowl with a coin in it), GET COIN, UP (hear footsteps), S, E 
(embalmer's shop), WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, N, READ GRAFFITI (the only legible bit 
reads "Mix gum, water and charcoal"), N (tavern where you meet the 
adventuress who is looking dejected - you hear footsteps), IN (you hide in a 
small cupboard with an old skeleton), WAIT, OUT, BUY DRINK, GIVE DRINK (the 
woman accepts it and will now follow you - you hear footsteps again), IN 
(you hide in the cupboard again), OUT.

S, W, S (the woman goes into the apothecary, she is the 999th person to go 
in), W (into the shop and you are the 1000th person to enter and you are 
told that everything is free), GET OPIUM, GET GUM, MIX GUM, INVENTORY 
(you've made ink in the bowl with the gum, charcoal and water), E, E 
(embalmer's shop again), GET QUILL, GET PAPYRUS, WRITE IOU NOTE (on papyrus 
with the quill and ink), BUY SYRINGE (the shopkeeper then takes your note 
and waddles into the storeroom to get it, allowing you an opportunity to go 
upstairs), UP (apartment - there are three jars here… the pictures are of a 
sailor, priest and scribe), EXAMINE JARS (you can see pickled brains in the 
jars), EAT SAILORS (brains - knowledge suffuses your mind), EAT SCRIBES 
(brains - knowledge suffuses your mind), EAT PRIESTS (brains - words form in 
your mind "Embalm the body and extract brain"), DOWN (you hear snoring from 
the storeroom), DROP QUILL, DROP OPIUM, W, N, W, E (rubbish dump again), GET 
NEEDLE, W, W (quay), E, S, S (Bad, Mad and Sad are still here), GIVE NEEDLE 
TO MAD (he gives you a luminous stone in return).

N, W, W (quay), BOARD BOAT, SET SAIL (as you have eaten the sailor's brain 
you sail expertly to the sandy cove), LEAVE BOAT, W (the door slams shut 
behind you and the luminous stone lights up the chamber - an exit lies 
upwards and Shabti's head is here), GET HEAD, UP, UP (you are now near the 
temple at the beginning of the game), E, DOWN (rope back to sandy cove where 
the boat is), BOARD BOAT, SET SAIL (back to the quay), FILL BOWL (with water 
again), S (warehouse where you see bins full of flour), GET FLOUR (the bowl 
is now full of glue), N, E (the thugs whose footsteps you heard earlier in 
the game lie comatosed in their own vomit… if you got caught by these men 
then you might as well start again as you will not have enough strength to 
lift both Shabti's head and body), E (back to rubbish dump for the final 
time), GET BODY (of Shabti), MEND SHABTI (you put the head back on the body 
using the glue).

GET URN, W, S, S (back to Bad, Mad and Sad), GIVE URN TO SAD (this was his 
auntie so he becomes Glad), GIVE SHABTI TO GLAD (he gives you a blindfold in 
return), GIVE BOWL TO MAD (he gives you some beads in return), E (final 
visit to the embalmer's shop), GET OPIUM, GET QUILL, CALL (the shopkeeper 
returns and gives you the syringe), W, S, S, E, E (that cobra is still 
sleeping), E, N (by a pyramid), UP (you see a shaft but it is too small for 
you to enter), DROP QUILL, DROP OPIUM, DROP SYRINGE (they all fall down the 
shaft), DOWN (back outside the pyramid), WEAR BLINDFOLD, IN (note it will be 
too dark to see, but you have now completed part 1), SAVE GAME FOR PART 2.

Note - Load part 2 then SAVED game from part 1 with RESTORE.  You will be 
told once loaded to use SUPERDUPER to get into part 2 should you restart.

LOOK (it's too dark because you have a blindfold on), REMOVE BLINDFOLD (note 
this is only on you when you load a saved game from part 1 - you are in an 
inhuman entrance hall wherer if you type "DOWN" 50 times you end up upside 
down in New Zealand and of course you have to type "UP" 50 times to get back 
again!), INVENTORY (you are carrying a hollow pipe which was the flute in 
part 1, a blindfold, a luminous stone and some beads), E (the adventuress is 
here), TALK TO WOMAN (she asks where the treasure is), TORTURE ROOM (she 
goes off looking for it), W, N (you hear screams of laughter from behind a 
locked door to the north, but you cannot open it), E, E (guards jump down 
from a trapdoor and chase you), WAIT (you are captured and dragged off to 
the torture chamber where the chief priest asks which torture you fear 
most), RACK (you are stretched, the guards are pleased with their work and 
go away, but you are still bound and gagged), LOOK (the adventuress bursts 
in, looks around, releases you then carries on searching for treasure… you 
feel fine, if a trifle stretched).

(You see a chest), GET CHEST, EXAMINE CHEST (it holds valuable gems), PUT 
PIPE IN CHEST, PUT BEADS IN CHEST, DROP CHEST (the woman cries "Jackpot" and 
grabs the chest), S (back at the locked door), E, E (here we go again with 
the guards), N (to a large statue's foot, with the guards still chasing 
you), IN (you are in an oppressive spot within the statue's foot… the guards 
stop chasing you), UP, UP (there is a door to the west which leads to the 
kneecap but you will be captured by the guards again if you go there), UP 
(the stairway comes to an end but the shaft continues up above… as you have 
been "racked" you can now get through), UP (leaping up, you just reach the 
shaft and are now in the upper body), UP (you emerge onto the statue's 
chest… the mouth above is shut), W (onto the statue's right shoulder… there 
is a misshapen ear above your head), PULL EAR (the ear creaks and turns as 
large levers move), E (the mouth is now open), UP (into the mouth), UP (you 
are in an icosahedral cavern within the statue's head… there is a glass 
sphere and inside is Morrissey - a rather bored adventure writer), PUSH 
SPHERE (it rolls out of the mouth and smashes on the ground below), DOWN, 
DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN (foot of statue), OUT (back to north end 
of room where you see frogs jumping around, which must have been the guards, 
some powdered glass which was the sphere and Morrissey who is dazed… he 
looks around and says "This is no good" then goes off changing things).

S, W, W, S (back to the inhuman entrance hall), W (there is a chasm here), 
INVENTORY (you should be carrying nothing - note if carrying anything you 
would fall and die when crossing the chasm and that's why you put the stuff 
in the chest which should turn up later), JUMP (across the chasm to the west 
end), W (to a beautiful finished passage - note if you had come here before 
it would have been the "unfinished" passage, but Morrissey changed it… the 
woman here says "This is more imaginative" then strides off), W (into the 
ante room - this is where a maze of rooms starts - note another way is to 
type KERSPLAT which will land you at the end of the maze, but to find this 
word out you have to find a tome book which is at the other end of the 
maze!), E, S, e, S, E, E, E, s, w, N, UP, S, N, E, N, W, S (ornate room 
where you see the chest), EXAMINE CHEST (only beads and pipe in there), GET 

S (well), IN BUCKET (you plummet downwards to the bottom of the well), GET 
TOME, EXAMINE TOME (you are told to give a page number), PAGE 1 (it says 
"Only 6 pages have been used - they are 1, 3, 7, 13, 666 and 999), PAGE 3 
(reads about "Kersoplat" spell - not a lot of use now!), PAGE 7 (reveals a 
gravity inverting spell, so you fly to the top of the well again), PAGE 13 
(beast control spell which lodges in your mind), N (back to ornate room), E 
(there is a sign saying "Lemming crossing ahead"), E (you see an endless 
hoard of Lemmings preventing movement east), PAGE 666 (this page is covered 
in purple runes… you've invoked a mighty beast who then starts to gobble up 
the Lemmings, making a way through… Note DO NOT read this page before Page 
13 or you'll be got at by beasty!).

E (toll bridge), E (a toll is demanded but you haven't any money), W, W, W, 
N (loopy tunnel), DOWN (the woman is here again), S, DOWN, N (coconut shy… 
the mutant says "Go on, knock a coconut down"), BLOW BEAD (with the pipe and 
bead to knock off the coconut… the mutant gives you a pewter shilling), S, 
UP, N, UP, S (ornate room), E, E, E (toll bridge), GIVE SHILLING (you are 
told it's not enough, so back to the coconut shy), W, W, W, N, DOWN, S, 
DOWN, N, BLOW BEAD (the mutant says "You've been here before," but give you 
a groat), S, UP, N, UP, S (ornate room), E, E, E (toll bridge), GIVE GROAT 
(you are told you need six of them), W, W, W, N, DOWN, S, DOWN, N (coconut 
shy), BLOW BEAD (the mutant says "Not you again," but gives you 6 groats), 
S, UP, N, UP, S (ornate room), E, E, E (toll bridge), GIVE GROATS (you are 
told that you now need 7 groats), W, W, W, N, DOWN, S, DOWN, N (coconut 
shy), BLOW BEAD (the mutant weeps and says "I've got a wife and kids to 
support," but he gives you a portable warp dimension, containing infinite 
groats), S, UP, N, UP, S (ornate room), E, E, E (toll bridge), GIVE WARP 
(that's stumped the toll bridge and you are now on the bridge with hills far 

E, N (into a set of four rooms), GET SPADE, N, GET BAND (rubber), W (an ogre 
is here building a machine but some parts are missing… there's also a pulley 
system), GET PULLEY (it's too heavy), DROP TOME, GET PULLEY, S, GET LEVER, N 
(back to the ogre… the pieces must be given in the right order or the 
machine will go haywire… when you give each part letters are added to the 
machine), GIVE PULLEY (he builds it into the machine), EXAMINE MACHINE (EX), 
(excava), GIVE LEVER (the excavator is complete), USE EXCAVATOR (it hums 
into life, the spade attachment revolves and digs through the escape proof 
wall), LOOK (you now see a hole to the west).

W (as you escape to the real world, Morrissey turns up saying "Come back to 
my lovely adventure"… you are now in a black granite chamber and here is the 
stuff you put down the shaft in part 1), GET SYRINGE, GET OPIUM, W (to an 
annex where you see a mummy), UNWRAP MUMMY (you now have some linen), E, N 
(you are in a mammoth high ante chamber… there's and august egg and an 
unlive being here), LIVE UNLIVE (the unlive being is reanimated and won't 
trouble you any more), BREAK EGG (the seal breaks, doors open and you are 
ushered through to the burial chamber), EXAMINE SARCOPHAGUS (you see an 
amphisbaena - a two headed serpent - remember the symbols on the obelisk in 
part 1), PARADOX (the serpent turns on itself and begins to eat… soon it is 
all gone), IN (you are now in the sarcophagus… the lid closes on you and you 
are in your own coffin), WEAR LINEN, EAT OPIUM (your cares go away for a 
while), EXTRACT BRAIN (using the syringe… as you prepare to end it all, the 
coffin lid opens above you and you see the woman peering in, "Goodbye," she 
says as her image fades into nothing… there is a brief moment of pain then 
all is gone").

You've ascended 61 Ma'at levels… but wait!  What's this?…
Beings welcoming you, cheering the afterlife… YES!
You have redeemed yourself!  Live in Ma'at forever more among the gods -
You deserve it….

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