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Orc Slayer (Orc_Slayer.txt)

Written by Warren Speed (Gamma Software)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

Your task is to seek out and kill Thorg, leader of the Death Moon Tribe of Orcs, who killed all your
family for no apparent reason, other than sheer pleasure.  

1. There are lots of red herrings:  Vine, Shield, Skull, Cross, Waterskin, Mirror, Gold Dust, Broken
Spear, Tooth, Bronze Bars, Gold Bars, Red Ruby, Silver Bars, Boulder, Idol and Meat.
2. It is not possible to score 100%, the extra 5% is unobtainable.
3. If you have forgotten something and wish to return across the river CAST WAND and you walk to the
other side.

Walk Through
(Start at the top of a small hill in the Savage Lands), INVENTORY (carrying an axe and food), D, S
(to where a large fire burns), GET TINDERBOX, N, E, N (by a large hollow oak tree), ENTER TREE
(inside you find a torch), GET TORCH, LIGHT TORCH (using the tinderbox), DROP TINDERBOX, S, S
(well), D (inside well where you see some chainmail armour), GET ARMOUR, WEAR ARMOUR, U (by now you
are feeling hungry), EAT FOOD, N, E, E, S (cave in the maze of desperation), E, S, E, S, E, S, E
(open expanse of ground), N, N (pit of snakes - don't try to enter it or you will die), S, E
(leave the shield), D, E (area full of prickly thorn bushes), GET KEY, N, N, E (rocky cavern), GET

S (meet an ogre who says he will only let you past if you give him something), GIVE GOLD COIN, S
(middle of a cluster of trees), CLIMB TREE (see some flying boots), GET BOOTS, WEAR BOOTS, D, N, W,
S (woodcutters' hut), GET PLANKS (leave the cross), N, D (ditch), D (by lake - leave the
waterskin), S, W, S, E (wooden bridge where a troll says you can't cross), KILL TROLL (with
battleaxe - must be wearing armour), DROPO BATTLEAXE, E (sandy area), S, W, W (green plain - leave
the mirror), S (pit - note don't be tempted to jump in or the game ends), S, E, U, S (small
grove), S (quicksand - you will need something to cross it), FLY W (over the quicksand), W
(hermit's cave), KILL HERMIT (no-one can hurt him), STEAL SWORD (you take it and run to the
bare plain), GET SWORD, E (quicksand), FLY N (over the quicksand), N, D, W (thick forest where you
see the word "Atled" scratched on a tree), N, N, E, E, N (sandy area), N (cave), GET RING,
RUB RING (a genie appears and says that if you want to cross the Azonti River then say
"Neptune"), S, W (wooden bridge where the dead troll is), W, N, E, N (lake), U, U, E, N, N
(muddy track), W, W, S (small meadow), W, N, W, S (open expanse of ground).

S (north bank of Azonti River), SAY NEPTUNE (magically you are transported to the south bank), DROP
RING, E (entrance to the underground stronghold of the Death Moon Tribe where you see three orc
guards who want a password to enter), SAY ATLED (you may enter the stronhold), S (cave full of
stalagmites and stalagitites), S, S, W (torture room), GET MALLET, D (see a torch holder stuck on
the south wall), PULL TORCH (a secret door opens revealing a way south into a room), S (secret room
where you see a potion of hydra-control), GET POTION, N, U, W, N (ignore the slaves), N (cave where
you see a strong wooden chest), OPEN CHEST (with the key - see a wand of water-walking which you
should leave as you only need it if you have forgoten something and need to return across the
river), DROP KEY, S, U, W, S (chasm), FLY S (to a small rocky ridge where you see a dead human),
EXAMINE HUMAN (you find a bit of paper on which is written "Fleeb"), FLY N, FLY D (bottom
of chasm), N, U (cave under excavation where you see some nails), BUILD BOAT (using plank, mallet
and nails), DROP MALLET, GET BOAT, S, S, S, S (tiled room), S, S, S (nursery), E (to where the orc
children sleep), GET OARS, W, N, N, N, N.

E (underground lake with a small island in the middle), PUT BOAT (in the lake), ENTER BOAT, ROW BOAT
(using oars to sandy island where you see a helm of true-seeing), GET OUT (of the boat), GET HELM,
ENTER BOAT, ROW BOAT (back to lake shore), GET OUT, DROP OARS, W, S, S, S (cell), E (private
bedroom), D (map room), E (tapestries), E (large cave where you see a 10-headed hydra), DRINK POTION
(the hydra becomes under your control... you tell it to die and magically it does), E, S (sentry box
where you see an orc who says you can't go west  without saying the password), SAY FLEEB (you
may pass), W (Thorg's private lair where you hear someone grunting in the room to your west), W
(meet Thorg), KILL THORG (using the magic runesword).

Well done!

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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