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Challenge, The (Challenge.txt)

Written by Jack Lockerby (River Software)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

The old chief of the tribe has died and the elders are in the meeting house trying to decide who
should be the next chief.  The old chief's eldest son would normally be acclaimed chief, but
Pacheo was a coward and a bully, so when one of his cronies shouted Pacheo for chief, several voices
were heard crying Challenge.  Not surprisingly, one of the voices was your own, for Pacheo had
warned you that when he became chief you would be banished from the tribe.  

The elders went into a huddle and after some deliberation they proclaimed that you, Yarulla would be
the Challenger.  You are both given one half of the Sacred Medallion and the one who returns wearing
the Sacred Medallion whole, and carrying the blue sapphire from the lad on the bar and reptile,
would be acclaimed the one and rightful chief.  

Walk Through
(Start in the meeting house), EXAMINE MEDALLION (sacred), OUT (well worn path), N, N, N, E (narrow
footpath), EXAMINE REEDS (growing close together), PART REEDS (you find a stone), GET STONE, X
STONE, W, S, S, S, NW, IN (flintmakers), GET FLINT, X FLINT, OUT, SE, N, N, N, N, N, W (northwestern
corner of forest), FEEL CRACK (you pull out a brass key), X BRASS KEY (raftmaker's hut key), S,
S, E, S, S, S, S, UNLOCK DOOR, IN (raftmaker's workshop), DROP BRASS KEY, GET RAFT, X RAFT
(light and easy to carry), OUT, N, N, N, N (wooden bridge), W, W, (western end of path), DROP RAFT
(into the river), BOARD RAFT (you finish up on the opposite bank), U (south bank of river), GET
RAFT, SW (fruit tree), CLIMB TREE, GET BANANA, D, NW, DROP RAFT (in the river), BOARD RAFT, U (you
are at the eastern end of path), W, W.

N (wild trail - see monkey), DROP BANANA (the monkey is shy so leave him alone), E, W (now see a
SE, IN (arrowmaker's workshop where the arrowmaker takes the feathers and places an arrow on
the workbench), GET ARROW, OUT, NW (you are on the well worn path), N, N, N, E, N (edge of forest),
EXAMINE STUMP (empty - you should hear rustling in the trees, if not return go S, N then EXAMINE
STUMP again until you do), IN (shelter where Pacho appears and puts something in the stump), GET
TORCH, OUT, EXAMINE STUMP, GET AXE, N (site of camp fire), SIFT ASHES, GET HOOK (while you have been
doing all this there should have been a storm with thunder and lightening - a limb crashes to the
ground - if not wander around for a while until the storm arrives), W, W, (northwestern corner of
forest where you find the limb), CHOP BRANCHES (with the axe), GET BRANCHES, GET LIMB.

E, N (pit), DROP LIMB (down the pit), S, S, S, S, S, S, SW, IN (spearmaker's workshop where he
takes the wood and places a spear on the workbench), GET SPEAR, OUT, NE, N, N, N, W, N (winding
trail - wander around if necessary until you see the fruit bat), SCATTER LEAVES (must have seen the
fruit bat first), GET RED APPLE, N, E, N (pit), D (bottom of pit), LIGHT TORCH, DROP FLINT, E, E, E
(the bat takes the apple), NE, NW, U (top of hill), N (plain), THROW SPEAR (at lion), W, W (group of
trees), EXAMINE VINES (called Lianas), PULL VINES, E, E, S, D, SE, SW, W, W, W (bottom of pit), U,
S, S, S, S, S, S (well worn path), NE, IN (ropemaker's workshop where he uses the vines to make
a rope), GET ROPE, OUT.

SW, N, N, N, N, N, N (pit), D, E, E, E (ledge), NE, NW (bottom of steep slope), U (top of hill), N,
W, N, NE (northernmost point of plain - the bat drops an apple core), SE, S, W, GET CORE, W, N, NE
(northernmost point of plain by pinnacle), TIE ROPE (to the hook), THROW HOOK (catches on the
pinnacle), U (top of pinnacle), U (top of tree - see gap to the north), D, CHOP TREE (with the axe -
it falls across the gap), N (across the fallen tree to southern edge of long trail), N (the tree
falls preventing your return), E (cave where a bear cub jumps into your arms after the apple core
and mother follows), W, N, N, N (northern end of track where you see guards), THROW CUB (at guards -
mother bear comes and they flee in panic), E, E (eastern end of road where you see the temple guard
mauled by the bear), SEARCH GUARD (find golden key), X GOLDEN KEY (it's the temple door key), X
TREE (appears to be something behind it), LOOK BEHIND (tree - find spear).

W, W (temple door), UNLOCK DOOR (with the golden key), DROP KEY, W (into temple), UNLOCK CABINET
(with silver key), EXAMINE CABINET (see a blue sapphire), GET BLUE SAPPHIRE, X BLUE SAPPHIRE (wear
it when you return to the village), E, LOCK DOOR (to stop guards taking back the sapphire), S, S, S,
E (you are in the cave), N, SEARCH STRAW, GET BOW, X BOW, SE, SE, E, E, S (middle of dense bush
where you see a reptile), THROW SPEAR (at reptile), SW, W, W (you meet Pacheo), FIRE ARROW (must
have bow and arrow - it hits and he is mortally wounded), SEARCH PACHEO (you find the other half of
the medallion), JOIN MEDALLION, WEAR MEDALLION, MOVE PACHEO (you find a spear), GET SPEAR, W, S, D
(bottom of steep slope), SE, SW, W, W, W, U (top of pit), S (narrow track where you see a wounded
lion), THROW SPEAR (the lion dies), S, S, S, S, S, IN (meeting house where all the elders are
gathered to greet you).

You have proved yourself to be a mighty warrior and you are hailed as the new chief.
SCORE 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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