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Temple Terror (Temple_Terror.txt)

TEMPLE TERROR (Atlantis Software)

W, Take paper, Read paper (the legible words on the charred remains are:
"how to make a mi...."), E, E, Take paint, Examine paint (it's silver),
Read grafitti, W, Examine rock, Move rock (you reveal an entrance to the
north), N, W, Take candle, N, Take scroll, Read scroll (it says that to
release the sacred axe you must say 'CHOP'), S, E, N, N, W, Take matches,
E, S, E, S, Light candle (a small object is revealed), Look, Take key,
Examine key, N, W, N, E, Examine carpet (there is a lump in the centre),
Move carpet (you find a secret trapdoor), Examine trapdoor, Unlock trapdoor
(this creates an exit to the north), N, W, W, Examine blanket (for a
'smothering' clue), Take blanket, E, N, Examine spoon, Take spoon, W, N, E,
Smother fire (an exit north is now available).

E, S, Read message (remember the order .... circle, triangle, cross - could
the 'V' be a vampire ?), N, W, N, N, E, Examine glass (it covers an axe
.... remember the words on the scroll), Say chop (the cover slides back),
Take axe, Examine axe, Take glass, Open pot (you prise open the paint pot
with the spoon), Paint glass (There, you made a mirror .... and you didn't
even have a brush), W, S, S< W, Examine leg, Remove leg, Take stake, E, N,
N, W, Open coffin (It reveals a secret tunnel to the north and that vampire
you were warned about swoops out), Kill vampire.

N, E, Read message (remember the other messages and the correct order ?),
Press circle, Press triangle, Press cross (the door opens and you are in
the Elixir room), Deflect beam (with you mirror .... you now need an
identity token to get out), N, W, N, Examine rubbish, Take knife, W, Take
rope, E, E, Throw rope (it catches on the roof, making a swing), Swing
across, W, Cut leather (it reveals a secret room to the north), N, Examine
skeleton (You reveal a small token), Take token (The temple now shakes and
you have 26 moves to get out).

S, E, Swing across, W, S, E, S, Insert token (The door swings open and you
run through), W, S, E, S, S, W, S, E, S, E, S, W, S, S, S (you are now at
the entance, and with the Elixir in you hands.  Your daughter is now safe).


		"You have successfully completed the adventure"
			    "Archie thanks you"

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