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Tower of Despair (Tower_of_Despair_hints.txt)

Tower of Despair (Games Workshop)

    * Angels of Death have tender backs.
    * To remain unpetrified, close your eyes and crawl.
    * Altars are good for praying at.
    * To pass the Shadow gate you must Wear cloack. You can get the cloack when you get the crown
after speaking to the Baron. You must get the cloack before you get the crown as the game moves on
as soon as the crown is taken.
    * When facing the Shadow gate Help may help you.
    * To pass the Demons at the beginning go to the courtyard, mount the stallion and go E until you
outrun them.
    * To pass the Medusa, a blind crawl might help.
    * The only way to communicate with your deaf and dumb servant, Donnchadach, is to Signal to him.
    * If the orb's too hot to hold, get it with a gauntletted hand.
    * To escape forest: at statue replace crystal.
    * Look into the scrying sphere before Malnor perceives your whereabouts.
    * If Malnor's scream rings painfully in your ears, cover them.
    * To unlock the Door of Destiny you should join rods and then insert rod into the door. If it
still doesn't work then push them.
    * In the room with a cauldron of boiling liquid, a tiny cat and a jar of green paste:
"Taste paste".
    * In the cave behind the willow tree: "Examine niche", "Tie rope", E.
    * At the temple examine priest, bag and talisman.
    * Hold the scroll after examining the fountain.
    * You can only jump the chasm once!

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