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In Search of Atahaulpa (In_Search_of_Atahaulpa_hints.txt)

By Anthony Lee

This is a two-part game. Nice descriptions and ambience. The introductions are 
important as they tell you what you need to do. The how, of course, is trickier. 
A nice combination of easy as well as challenging puzzles. You begin in a 
Spanish village. You need to EXAMINE and/or SEARCH most locations. All objects 
you find are necessary, some more than once. There is a limited number of moves 
in several crucial locations, and loitering will get you killed. As with his 
first game, Anthony Lee has created a very playable game. There are no red 


Part 1:

You cannot avoid meeting the stranger at the beginning, but if you move quickly 
enough, you won’t get killed.

When in the balloon, the sequence of moves is important. You need to avoid two 
flying objects, and the mountains. Make a weapon to deal with one, throw weight 
overboard several times to avoid the other two hazards.

Before you leave the basket, PULL VALVE once again.

If you don’t know what to do, WAIT can be a useful verb.

At the crevice, start a landslide, get out of the way, but return for something.

There is one unusual verb, e.g. WEDGE.

You cannot easily "map" the maze in Part 1. Go west from the bazaar. THROW the 
sols. Check out what options you have (do not include returning to the bazaar), 
go back and get the sols and go in a direction. Sometimes you have only one 
option, sometimes two. SAVE at each screen. If you run into the "stranger" that 
is NOT the way to go. This will take some time to do. Go (generally) in a 
counter-clockwise direction. You will eventually end up at the chapel. If you 
are stuck, scroll down to the bottom of the hints section for a spoiler. 
Otherwise look up the solution. 

Don’t visit Don Pedro until you have done everything you need to do (you cannot 
return a second time).

At the library, wait until someone drops off a book.

Where you see shadows, eventually you will see a dog which disappears, go east 
and drop something to entice the dog and capture it.

Part 2: 

You need to capture an animal by setting a trap. Give it to something that is 

In Part 2, YELL in the rainforest - the animals pinpoint you location.

If you are about to be bitten, don’t move (i.e. STAND STILL).

Another unusual verb - SNAP.

How to get across the chasm?  Do you have something that resembles a rope? Make 
a lasso, then SWING.

Several objects are needed more than once.

You will need to return to several locations once you have what you need.

How to get rid of the panther? Drop a delectable treat in front of the cave. But 
get out of the way.

Spoiler - Solution to the bazaar maze. From the bazaar, go W, W, S, W, S, E, S, 
E, N, E. 

Iamaran, Terri Sheehan plus help from Juan


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