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Werewolf Simulator (Loogaroo_C_A_Sharp.txt)

Written by C. A. Sharpe
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

You are a reporter on the Daily Record and a new day dawns with new stories to tell. 

Walk Through
(Start in your living room), INVENTORY (you have money and a gold watch), GET TABLETS, EXAMINE
TABLETS (a prescription for migraine - the telephone is ringing), ANSWER PHONE (it's your
editor telling you about a murder... he wants you to check it out... it's at West Street East),
EXAMINE INDEX (Mortuary 1326, Ed 3928, Joe 2837, Police 6991), DIAL JOE (he's not in), W
(landing), D (hall), W (Main Street), S (outside No.12), KNOCK ON DOOR (Leclare the clairvoyant
beckons you inside), ASK LECLARE ABOUT MURDER (she sees a ferocious beast - beware LOOGAROO... she
then faints), E, S, S (into Foley Park), E, S, S, S (Wilson Blvd.), W, E, N, E (library), SEARCH
BOOKS (you see one about Lycanthropy), READ BOOK (you find out that werewolves can only be killed by
decapitation or silver bullets), W, W, N, U (editor's office), SEARCH DESK (you find
something), LOOK (you see a photograph), EXAMINE PHOTO (it's of a mutilated body in an alley...
a clock nearby shows the time as 5.30).

D, S, W (country records department), SEARCH RECORDS (which A-Z), SEARCH UNDER WEREWOLF (Willis E.
Dr., 42 Second St., Expert on Lycanthropy, M.D. & Author), SEARCH UNDER DOYLE (Doyle Joseph,
Photographer, 43 Wilson Blvd., Age 34, Origin West Indies), N, N (West Street - a policeman is
here), GET NAIL, EXAMINE NAIL, GET HAIR, EXAMINE HAIR, N (into dark room of Joe's apartment - a
headache is causing you loss of memory), EAT TABLET (that's better), U (kitchen), W (hallway),
LOOK IN MIRROR (you see a cut), D (bedroom), SEARCH ROOM (you find a blood stained coat), SEARCH
COAT, LOOK (you see a birth certificate), READ CERTIFICATE (it is Joseph Doyle's), U, N, E
(Cornfields the jeweller), BUY PENTAGRAM, EXAMINE PENTAGRAM, SELL WATCH (he accepts it and gives you
$500), BUY SILVER.

W, W, E, E, N, E, E (Second Street outside house No.42), KNOCK ON DOOR (Doctor Willis appears and
shows you in), ASK WILLIS ABOUT MURDER (the pentagram holds power over the werewolf as does silver),
E (living room), EXAMINE VASCULUM, OPEN VASCULUM (you find plants), EXAMINE PLANT (you don't
recognise it), W, N (back to street), E, N, N, E, U, E (your living room), DIAL MORTUARY (which
department?), ASK FOR DEATHS (a voice says come and see me then hangs up), W, D, W, W, W, W, S
(reception area of city hospital), ASK FOR MORTICIAN (you are shown the way to the mortuary), ASK
ABOUT CORPSE (the wounds were inflicted by a large animal about 5.30), ASK ABOUT NAIL (hard to say
if it's human or animal), ASK ABOUT HAIR (it's bloodied at the room end), U (stairway), W
(Dr. Willis' office), N back (reception).

N, W (police station), ASK FOR JONES (you are shown into the police captain's office), ASK
ABOUT MURDER, E, ASK ABOUT JOE (he was picked up drunk this morning and put in the cells), ASK TO
SEE HIM (you are shown into a cold cell), EXAMINE JOE (he has a bandaged hand), HIT JOE (he is
released and you are back at the police station entrance), E, E, E, E, S, E, U, E to your living
room), DROP RECEIVER, ANSWER PHONE (it's Jones - there's been another killing at west of
Gray Street), W, D, W, W, W, S, E, S (derelict apartment block), D (cellar), QUESTION WINO
(he's scared), GIVE MONEY (he tells you how he saw it head towards West Street... it looked
like a werewolf), U, E, N, E (Inside derelict building), U, U (roof - you have a headache again),
EAT TABLET, LOOK (you hear howling coming from the direction of the park), D, D, N, N, W, W, S, W
(to an area of waste ground), SEARCH GROUND (you see a figure running away), LOOK (find a cinema
ticket), GET TICKET, EXAMINE TICKET (it has a fingerprint on it in blood), E, N, E, E, E.

N, W, W (gunsmiths), BUY GUN (you'll need bullets), ASK HIM ABOUT BULLETS (he takes your silver
and asks you to come back later), E (West Street), QUESTION GIRL (she asks if you fancy a good
time), SAY NO (she walks away), N (cinema foyer), SHOW TICKET (to the manager - it tells you
it's from last night's show), DROP TICKET (now return, the long way round to kill time, to
your living room), S, E, N, U, W, N, W, E, E (city reference library), N, E, N, N, W, N, N, N, E, U,
E (your living room), DROP PLANTS, DROP MONEY, DROP TABLETS, W, D, W, W, W, S, E, E, E, N, W, W
(back to gunsmiths), ASK ABOUT BULLETS (he gives them to you), LOAD GUN, E, E, E, S, E, E, E, N, E,
N, N, W, S (Foley Park), SEARCH (the werewolf growls as it approaches you), SHOOT WEREWOLF (he falls
howling), EXAMINE WEREWOLF (it's our pal Joe), DROP GUN, (the game concludes and you finish up
back at your apartment).

SCORE 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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