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Hostage (Hostage_Allan_Porter.txt)

Allan Porter (Load Star)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

Five urban terrorists have taken a local bank president hostage.  They are demanding a ransom.  The
bank president happens to be an old friend whom you haven't seen since you joined the police
force.  Held at bay for two hours the chief has asked you to use your special skills and rescue your
friend.  You have one hour.

1. Hit points awarded at the beginning of the game are random.  If they appear to be insufficient
restart and try again.
2. The five terrorists, Short, Tall, Fat, Bearded and Blond, appear at random.  When they do press A
(attack) until they are dead.
3. The location of the trip wire which blows you up is random.  If this occurs you have no choice
but to start again.

Playing the Game
(Start on the sidewalk), N (foyer), N, E, E (pantry where you see a glimmer of light to the west), 
O (open - you see a stairway), E, D (large underground room where you see your banker friend tied
up), F (free), U, W, W, W, S (foyer - keep going east/west from here until all five terrorists have
been killed), S.

The chief, all of your fellow officers and all the news media 
surround you and cheer resoundingly.  
The chief manages to tell you that you will get a raise and a promotion.  
You rescued the hostages and eliminated the terrorists.

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