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Who Done It? (Who_Done_It_Sameen_Ullah.txt)

Written by Sameen Ullah
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

This program contains numerous and significant spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (for
example, detective is spelt three different ways).

You are Jack Stalk a detective and must crack his latest case.

Walk Through
(Start in a small office), EXAMINE DESK (you find some money), GET MONEY (leave the handcuffs until
later), OPEN DOOR, W, TALK LADY (she says the file is in the filing cabinet), E, S, W (filing room),
OPEN CABINET, EXAMINE FILING (cabinet - one catches you eye), GET FILE, EXAMINE FILE (about the
murder of Mr. Smith in Bond Street), DROP FILE, E, N, W, W (outside Detective Agency), READ SIGN, W,
W, READ SIGN, W (inside hardware shop), TALK TO (man - he has a wide range of torches), BUY TORCH
(funny that this is the last one considering he has such a wide range!), E, E, S, W, W (newsagent),
TALK TO (lady - we have today's paper), BUY TODAY'S (paper), READ NEWSPAPER, DROP

E, E (taxi spot), S (inside taxi - Where to?), BOND STREET, S, S (dead end - you hear a groan from
the corner), EXAMINE CORNER (see a drunk tramp), TALK TO (tramp - he says "I need a
drink"), EXAMINE TRAMP, N, NE (outside Mrs. Smith's house), S (large garden - a dead Mr.
Smith is here), EXAMINE DEAD (body - he was slashed by a very sharp weapon and the cuts look very
deep), EXAMINE CUTS (done with a blade... you notice a piece of scrap paper), GET PAPER, READ PAPER
(says "I want 10, 000 pounds cash at Linda Foster's house), DROP PAPER, EXAMINE BUSHES
(you find a small glove), GET GLOVE, EXAMINE GLOVE (has blood and the sign of a horse on it),
EXAMINE BLOOD (quite fresh).

N (outside house), EXAMINE DOOR (see a doorbell), RING BELL (a voice says "Come in"), E
(into Mrs. Smith's entrance hall), OPEN DOOR, S (sitting room - Inspector Boob is here),
EXAMINE BOOB, GIVE GLOVE (to Inspector Boob - he says "This is a vital piece of evidence I
think we might have a suspect"), TALK TO (Mrs. Smith), SMITH ALIBI (she was with her daughter),
S (into library), EXAMINE BOOKCASE (a book is missing), N (back to sitting room), WAIT (if necessary
until Fred Jones is here), FRED ALIBI, EXAMINE FRED (looks very calm), FRED ADDRESS (he lives in
Lewis Road), N, U, N (Smiths' bedroom), EXAMINE WINDOW (see the garden below), EXAMINE DESK
(you find a note addressed to Mrs. Smith), EXAMINE NOTE, READ NOTE (Linda Foster lives at King
Street), S, E (bathroom), OPEN CABINET, EXAMINE CABINET (you find a small razor blade), EXAMINE
BLADE (it's blunt), EXAMINE SINK (there's dried blood in the bottom), EXAMINE BLOOD
(it's fresh), W, S (Lisa's bedroom), LISA HELP, EXAMINE BED (hasn't been slept in),
ASK ALIBI ("I was with my mother"), N, D, W.

SW, N (inside taxi - Where to?), KING STREET, E (Linda Foster's front door), WAIT (until Linda
arrives and opens the door), E (entrance hall), S (sitting room - Linda is here), LINDA ALIBI (she
admits to having an affair with Fred Jones), TALK TO (Linda), N, U, E (bedroom), GET WINE (bottle),
EXAMINE WINE, EXAMINE TABLE (find an envelope), EXAMINE ENVELOPE (the address is written partly in
code), READ ADDRESS (from Bob Wade - rearrange the letters to read "CATER ROAD"), W, D,

W (inside taxi - Where to?), CATER ROAD, S, NE (outside Bob Wade's house), EXAMINE BELL (you
notice it can be unscrewed), UNSCREW BELL (hear a voice say "Dial Blue"), SW, S (dead
end), EXAMINE WALL (see a loose slab), EXAMINE SLAB (see a dial), DIAL BLUE (a passage appears to
the east), E (it's dark), TORCH ON, LOOK (you're in a secret passage), E (library), N
(sitting room - Bob Wade is here), TALK TO Bob (he doesn't say anything), N, U, E (bedroom),
GET ANOTHER (glove), EXAMINE ANOTHER (glove), DROP ANOTHER (glove), W, D, S, E, E (backyard), OPEN
DUSTBIN, EXAMINE DUSTBIN (you find a small map), GET MAP, EXAMINE MAP (about all the major ways to
major banks), W, W, S, W, W (dead end), TORCH OFF, DROP TORCH.

N, N (inside taxi - Where to?), BOND STREET, S, S (dead end where the tramp is), GIVE WINE (he says
thanks), TALK TO (tramp - he says "I know that Fred Jones and Bob Wade have been committing the
robberies), N, NE, E, S, GIVE MAP (to Inspector Boob - another vital piece of evidence), DROP MAP
(even though you have given it to Inspector Boob you still have it in your inventory), N, N, W, SW.

N (inside taxi - Where to?), VICTORIA STREET, N, N, E, E, E (Detective Agency), GET HANDCUFFS, W, W,
W, S (inside taxi - Where to?), LEWIS ROAD, E, WAIT (until Fred Jones leaves to the west), E (into
entrance hall), EXAMINE CARPET (looks like it has been moved lately), REMOVE CARPET (see an exit
down), D (into a cellar), GET UNUSED (50 pound note), U, S (sitting room), WATCH TV, N, W, W (inside
taxi - Where to?), CATER ROAD, S, S, GET TORCH, TORCH ON, E, E (library), N (sitting room), CUFF BOB
(Wade), CARRY BOB, S, W, W, TORCH OFF, DROP TORCH, N, N (inside taxi - Where to?), BOND STREET, S,
NE, E, S (sitting room where Inspector Boob is), DROP BOB, SAY BOB (did it - Bob Wade confesses he
did it with Fred Jones, who is also arrested).

You have cracked this adventure
Score 100%

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