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Project-X: The Micro Man (Project_X.txt)

Project X: The Microman – Compass Software

In the car:

Take lighter; examine car; climb seat belt; wind handle; jump.

In the countryside:

South; south; climb up; up; north; take button; south; down; down; south; east; north; 
east; examine scarecrow; pull belt; look; examine box; take string; west; south; south; 
west; south west; south west; east; north east; east; south east; take needle; north; east; 
north; up; dig; in; light lighter; east; east; south; east; take lolly; west; north; north east; 
dig; kill mole; drop needle; drop button; drop lolly; up

Outside the house:

Take twig; east; east; south; drop string; drop twig; in; take ring; out; north; north; cut 
glass; drop ring; in; in; take firework; examine firework; read label; east; east; light 
firework; take firework; west; west; out; out; south; south; in; drop firework; out; in; 
west; take thimble; east; out; take string; take twig; north; south west; wear thimble; in; 
down; take pin; up; out; tie string; take hook; drop thimble; north east; north; west; north; 
examine rocks; up; up; up; drop twig; push twig; cross bridge; in.

Inside the house:

East; examine blinds; down; take paper; examine paper; north; south east; east; south; up; 
take foil; take cozy; south; climb out; look; take pepper; examine roll; down; north east; 
west; north west; south; south west; examine fire; wear foil; climb fire; up; west; examine 
clock; look; take letter; read letter; drop letter; take dongle; east; down; down; north east; 
north; south east; north east; up; throw pepper; east; drop cozy; drop hook; drop dongle; 
drop foil; north; take manual; read manual; drop manual; in; east; north east; take blue; 
take red; take magenta; take green; examine tray; empty bottles; examine tray; develop 
paper; take photo; south; take key; examine key;  north; south west; west; out; south; take 
cozy; take hook; north east; north; climb wire; look; west; push receiver; wear cozy; push 
buttons; look; take card; east; down; south; south west; drop cozy; south; take magnifying 
glass; examine photo; use magnifying glass; drop magnifying glass; south west; climb 
towel; east; jump across; take mirror; jump across; west; down; north east; north; take 
dongle; south east; examine door; use mirror; in; north; throw hook; climb rope; east; 
read monitor; 2528; examine socket; insert dongle; west; down; south; south east; in.

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