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Ninja (Ninja_Killer_Softaid_Talkie.txt)

Written by Darryl Reynolds (Softaid Talkie Adventure)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

A ninja must recover a statue from his arch enemies. 

Walk Through
(Start on a sandy path in a quiet forest), INVENTORY (you have a gold piece), E (path by tall pine
trees), GIVE GOLD (to beggar who gives you a pearl shell and tells you to look into it), GET SHELL,
E (end of path), RUB SHELL (see an image... the rocks crack to form a crevice), GO CREVICE (damp dim
cave), GET SACK, GET PARCHMENT, READ PARCHMENT (rhyme of the green budda), GET JADE (which one?),
RED, W, W, GET GOLD (piece), W, S (stone bridge - note do not attack the samurai), PAY GOLD (to the
samurai), GO BRIDGE (pine forest), GET STONE, S (lily pond), DROP PARCHMENT, DROP JADE (which one?),
RED, DROP SHELL, E (gates to the Temple of Sharloon - do not delay at this point or the ninja will
attack), S, E (by an old stone wall), CLIMB VINES (over the wall to a peaceful sand garden), S
(temple anteroom), LOOK PEDESTAL, GET MASK, WEAR MASK, N, E (beautiful garden - note you must be
wearing the mask in here), PICK FLOWER, GET FLIES, W (sand garden), FILL SACK (with sand), GO GATES

W (lily pond), FEED FROG (with the flies), LOOK (there is now a white jade here), GET BAMBOO, LOOK
BAMBOO (it's hollow), CRUSH FLOWER (using the stones - now have a fine powder), DROP STONES,
INSERT POWDER (where?), BAMBOO, DROP MASK, GET JADE (which one?), RED, GET JADE (which one?), WHITE,
E, S, E, CLIMB VINES, S, E (hall filled with grey ninja), BLOW BAMBOO (the powder fills the hall and
the grey ninja lay drugged on the floor), DROP BAMBOO, S (chamber with a large moat surrounding a
fountain which needs to be emptied), E, PULL LEVER (the drain fills with water), W, LOOK MOAT
(beware crocodiles), WAIT (until the crocodiles leave the moat), WAIT (until it is dry), GO MOAT
(fountain), GET JADE (which one?), BLUE, GET LADDER, GO MOAT (the crocodiles follow you), GO ARCH
(room with a deep blue glow), THROW LADDER (it catches on the balcony), CLIMB LADDER (to quiet

S, E (room of the red swan), DROP JADE (which one?), BLUE, DROP JADE (which one?), RED, DROP JADE
(which one?), WHITE, W, N, CLIMB LADDER, W, N, W, GET INCENSE, E, GET JADE (which one?), BLACK, S,
GO ARCH, CLIMB LADDER, S (meditation chamber), LOOK PRIEST (he appears to be in a trance), LOOK
SWORD (beware a wire is tied to the hilt), UNDO WIRE, GET SWORD, LOOK BOWL (incense is there... it
is nearly out), DROP INCENSE (it starts to burn), N (quiet room where the blind beggar appears and
says "For your kindness take this bell), GET BELL, RING BELL, RING BELL, RING BELL (an opening
appears), GO OPENING (sacred cell), GET JADE (which one?), YELLOW, W, DROP BELL.

S, E (room of the red swan), LOOK STATUE (it's enclosed in a clear dome), LOOK PEDESTAL (it has
five empty hollows), DROP SACK, GET JADE (which one?), BLUE, DROP SWORD, GET JADE (which one?), RED,
GET JADE (which one?), WHITE, INVENTORY (you should be carrying five jades; blue, red, white, black
and yellow), PLACE JADE (place in which locations?), N=Black, S=Red, E=White, W=Blue, C=Yellow (the
dome moves), GET SACK, PLACE SACK (where?), PEDESTAL, GET SWORD, GET STATUE (the wall slides back to
reveal a door), GO DOOR (dim tunnel), E, OPEN DOOR, GO DOOR (solid stone chamber), READ SIGN
(Japanese), N, E (end of corridor), CUT WEB (with the sword), E (Ah so!... you've escaped from
the temple and you have the Statue of Jozen).


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive: