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Blade of Blackpoole, The (Blade_of_Blackpoole_Tim_Wilson.txt)

Written by Time wilson 1983 (Sirus Software)
Walk Through with Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

Methinks if I live 'till the seas have withered I'll ne'er know of more adventure
than befalleth those that quest for the sword bearing the name Myraglym. Many have abandoned their
earthly toils to pursue this great sword o'magic. Legend saeth this mighty blade rests in the
caverns 'neath the lake at Blackpoole, where evil serpents and horrid plants have a taste for
the flesh of humans. And
yeah, even man has taken arms against his fellow man in search of Myraglym. So come hither be ye
brave. For if ye seek a life of adventure, ye too must go in search of the Blade of Blackpoole.
Travel with wisdom and cunning and the magic powers of Myraglym shall be for none other.

The highest score possible is 480, so there is no point in looking any further.

Walk Through
(Start at the edge of a small lake), E (into the forest - leave the shield as it's a red
herring), N, N (tavern), W (small room), INVENTORY (you have a moneybelt), EXAMINE MONEYBELT (you
have 50 gold pieces), BUY STAFF, BUY LAMP, BUY ROPE, BUY HONEY (leave the knife), E, TALK BARTENDER
(the sword you are after is called Myraglym), S, S, E (into quicksand), SWIM EAST, SWIM NORTH (to
spongy ground), GET POTION (white), N (swampy pit - notice the bee hive on the tree in the graphic),
GET BEES (you need to be carrying the honey - you manage to catch several), S, S (to quicksand),
SWIM WEST, SWIM WEST, W, W (a fierce carnivorous plant blocks the north trail), GIVE BEES (the plant
eats them and says you may pass), E.

S (small pond), GET BOAT (it's too big for you to carry), POUR POTION ON BOAT (it hisses and
shrivels up), GET BOAT (miniature), N, W, N, N, E, E, N, DROP HONEY (for later), W (dense forest), N
(you have fallen into a pit), THROW ROPE (it is securely fastened), CLIMB ROPE (you are leaving the
forest), GET ROPE, N (foot of cliff), E (ledge inside a tunnel), LIGHT LAMP (from the burning
torch), W, S, S, GET AMULET, S, E (back to the fork), S, W, W, S, S (to lake shore where the plant
is), E, E, N, E (depression - ignore the hammer), N (into a swampy area - as you approach you hear a
faint voice), GIVE AMULET (a recluse comes out of hiding and gives you a riddle and an old book),
READ BOOK (contains a riddle and a prayer).

S, W, N (into tavern), DROP BOOK, BUY ALE, DROP MONEYBELT (you won't need it anymore), GET BOOK
(spell), S, S, W, W, N, N, E, E, N, W, N, N, N (to foot of cliff where the bird is), SING (the bird
hears you, flies down, picks you up, then deposits you on the cliff... a strange circular pad is on
the ground here), STEP ON PAD (you are transported across the ravine), N, W (to another cliff), DROP
BOOK, E, N, W (eastern shore of lake), GET FORK (tuning), E, S, W (back to cliff edge), THROW ROPE
(it is securely fastened), GET BOOK, CLIMB ROPE (you are by a river), S, W, DROP BOAT (as soon as it
touches the water it returns to full size), ENTER BOAT, PADDLE NORTH, PADDLE NORTH (a monster rises
out of the water and blocks your passage), POUR ALE INTO WATER (the monster becomes drunk), PADDLE
NORTH (into a lake), PADDLE NORTH, PADDLE NORTH, PADDLE NORTH (to the shore of a small island in the
middle of the lake where there is a pagan idol and an altar), GIVE BOOK (the idol glows as you place
the book on the altar... the book disappears and something appears in your hand), INVENTORY (you
have a key).

S (back into the lake), PADDLE SOUTH, PADDLE SOUTH, PADDLE WEST (you are on the western shore... the
trail is blocked by a boulder), HIT BOULDER WITH FORK (the boulder shatters), DROP FORK, W (T-shaped
intersection), W, GET HELMET, E, S (into a large chamber), OPEN DOOR (using the key), DROP KEY, S,
READ PLAQUE ("Speak not the name of MYRAGLYM until she's home"), S, S, E, GET
LONGBOW, W, N, GET SCROLL, N, E, E, E, E (back to a low ceiling room), N, N, E, E (river), ENTER
BOAT, PADDLE NORTH, PADDLE NORTH, PADDLE WEST (you are over a dark spot in the water), D (into an
underwater cave with a ferocious lizard), READ SCROLL (contains two spells - leave
'REGNILO' as it's dangerous), SAY MAHDEN (spell - an arrow appears at your feet), GET
ARROW, DROP SCROLL, SHOOT LIZARD (it penetrates the monster's armour), DROP BOW, S (into a
dimly lit chamber), GET SWORD, N.

N (back to lake), PADDLE EAST, PADDLE SOUTH, PADDLE SOUTH, PADDLE WEST, W, S, S, W (altar - note the
impression of the sword in the velvet), PUT SWORD (on the altar), SAY MYRAGLYM (you are transported
back to the forest), S, S, E (fork in road), GET HONEY, S (you're feeling weak from hunger and
if you don't eat you will die), EAT HONEY (you feel much better), W, W, S, S (lake shore), E,
E, N, N (tavern).

You have successfully fulfilled your quest and returned the sword MYRAGLYN to it's rightful
place. Your name will be proclaimed throughout the land for this deed, and these men shall serve to
bear witness to your heroism and bravery.
Your score is 480/500

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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