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Alpine Encounter, The (Alpine_Encounter.txt)

Random House
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

You have twelve hours to stop the VODAC world domination conspiracy and are sent to Alpenhof Ski

1. You must type GO UP or GO DOWN, not just U or D.
2. LISTENing and LOOKing are very important.
3. If you carry the vase around and run into the inspector he will arrest you, so you must
"Call Inspector" once you have found the vase.
4. There are lots of locations not visited in this walk through, but they aren't necessary to
complete the game.

Walk Through
(Start outside the exclusive Swiss Resort Alpenhof), INVENTORY (you have a wallet), EXAMINE WALLET
(contains 1000 Swiss Francs), N (lobby), N (central hall), W (registration desk), REGISTER (complete
the form - the manager hands you the key to room 56), E, E (newsagents), BUY NEWSPAPER, READ
NEWSPAPER (a priceless Chinese vase has been stolen).

E, S, GO UP, N, E, N, N (guest room 56 is east), UNLOCK DOOR, E, S (adjoining room where you see a
blond woman and a handbag), LOOK IN HANDBAG (see note), READ NOTE (to Renee which says to keep our
bundle of joy safe until half past eight, then we shall be off to a new life of luxury tonight? from
your clever Frenchman), LOOK (see various objects which you should look at until the woman leaves),
W (you meet the inspector who tells you to call him if you find anything), S, W, S, GO DOWN, N, W
(newspaper stand), LOOK (repeat until the woman heads west), W (to front hall where the manager is),
LOOK (repeat until the woman leaves), W, S (cloakroom), W, N (restaurant), LISTEN (Renee Faucher is
talking to Franz Cloutier? she arranges to meet him for lunch), N, N, N (west in bar), LISTEN (Renee
says that if all goes well this will be her lucky day), LOOK RENEE (she is wearing a backpack), LOOK

The Inspector reclaims the backpack and the antique vase inside it.
He commends you for not damaging the fragile piece with its hidden code.
He wonders to himself whether the VODAC leaders will ever be caught.
You return to headquarters and receive commendation for finding the 
missile plans before they are sold to the terrorists.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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