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Escape From Traam (Escape_from_Traam_Jyym_Pearson.txt)

Written by Jyym Pearson & Norm Sailer (Adventure International) 1981
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (TRS 80 & Apple Versions)

You were on patrol when your ship was struck by a ground laser and you have lost your memory.  Your
objective is to escape from Traam in one piece.

1. Escape from Traam is the third in the series of "Other Ventures" from Adventure
2. Understands LOOK not examine.
3. There is a minimum of description and clues in rooms.  Typing LOOK gives more information and
should be done every time you enter a new location. 
4. To examine objects more closely type LOOK AT............ (object).
5. Typing TALK or LISTEN will often elicit information.

Walk Through
(Start in the cockpit of a small space cruiser flying over forest terrain), LOOK (ship is losing
altitude), LOOK COCKPIT (see control panel in front of you), LOOK PANEL, LOOK, LOOK (an alarm blinks
on a green panel), LOOK (ship is going down), LOOK (you crash land in a forest clearing but you have
survived), LOOK SHIP (see nylon rope), GET NYLON ROPE, LOOK AT NYLON ROPE (about 20 meters long),
MOVE SHIP (find a hand laser), GET LASER, LOOK AT LASER (locked on kill), S (facing a sheer cliff),
LOOK CLIFF (see a stout bush at the top), TIE ROPE TO BUSH, CLIMB ROPE (crest of sheer cliff), E
(small clearing where you meet an alien warrior reading a map), LOOK AT WARRIOR (has a crab like
head), TALK TO WARRIOR (can't understand yet), S (small valley), LOOK (see a dark cave
entrance), CLIMB HILL (edge of silver stream), LOOK (the liquid steams), W (wooded hill), LOOK TREE
(they have large fronds), GET FROND, E,

N (cave entrance), W, W (dark cave), LOOK, LOOK, LOOK (you bump against an object), FEEL OBJECT
(steps), CLIMB STEPS (dimly lit stone room), LOOK (air is foul and there are inscriptions on the
wall), DIG WITH FROND (uncover an ancient altar), LOOK ALTAR (has silver stains on it), DIG WITH
FROND (uncover a strange helmet), GET HELMET, LOOK AT HELMET (has a clear globe and fits you
perfectly), GET STONE CUP, LOOK AT STONE CUP (crudely carved), W, N, N (stone hallway), LOOK
(there's a hole in the roof), CLIMB THROUGH HOLE (back to wrecked spaceship), LOOK SHIP (spot a
silver key), GET SILVER KEY, S, CLIMB ROPE, E, S, W (back to dark cave), CLIMB (small deserted
cabin), LOOK (see a large trunk), LOOK AT TRUNK (has a keyhole), UNLOCK TRUNK (using silver key),
OPEN TRUNK  (see a large dictionary), GET DICTIONARY, LOOK AT DICTIONARY (written in Krillig), READ
CHART (will now be able to read the inscriptions), DROP ALPHABET CHART, CLIMB THROUGH HOLE (dark
cave), W, CLIMB STAIRS (dimly lit stone room where the inscriptions are),  LOOK INSCRIPTIONS (using
information from alphabet chart translates to "The Alchemist"), W, N, N (stone hallway),
CLIMB THROUGH HOLE (back to spaceship).

S, CLIMB ROPE, UNTIE ROPE, GET NYLON ROPE, E, TALK TO ALIEN (translates to "Bring me the gold
and drop it here"), TALK TO ALIEN ("climb the golden tree and watch for the Traams, they
eat earthlings), S, CLIMB HILL (silver stream), FILL STONE CUP, GET CUP OF LIQUID, N, W, W (dark
cave), CLIMB STAIRS, W, N, N (stone hallway), CLIMB HOLE (in roof - there is a bad cave in and the
hole is blocked), LOOK (see a large lead block), POUR CUP (lead changes to gold), GET GOLD BALL, S,
S, E, E, E (dark cave), CLIMB HOLE, N, N (to where the alien is), DROP GOLD BALL, LOOK (a golden
tree grows), TALK TO ALIEN (translated says "Leave me alone"), CLIMB TREE (cave where a
small monkey-like creature is chained to the wall), TALK TO MONKEY (name is Stammd and he is the one
who can help you), TALK TO MONKEY (says you are doomed if you stay here and that your ship in orbit
is scanning for you), TALK TO MONKEY (you were on patrol when your ship was struck by a ground laser
and you have lost your memory), TALK TO MONKEY (he has already said enough to be executed).

S (meadow of strange blue grass containing a statue), LOOK AT STATUE (of a creature named Dick
Nixon), MOVE STATUE (creaks), MOVE STATUE (tilting), MOVE STATUE (tumbles over), LOOK (see an insect
in there), GET INSECT, LOOK AT INSECT (a bug in the program), W (below a row of large trees), LOOK
(there are some figures to your east on the other side of the trees), LISTEN (translated voices say
"We left you blue door unlocked, just push the pin), CLIMB TREE (in a large blue tree), LOOK
(branches of a yellow tree lead east), CLIMB (high up in yellow tree), CLIMB DOWN (east side of hill
and figures are now to the west), LOOK (see mound of dirt), DIG MOUND (using frond - one of the tall
creatures is buried here together with a pendant), DROP FROND, GET PENDANT, LOOK AT PENDANT (covered
with strange designs).

S (hillside), LOOK (tall creatures ride across the clearing on strange beasts), LOOK BUSH (a
drainpipe leads into the ground), CLIMB DRAINPIPE, S, S, S (to where a strange gas seeps out but the
helmet protects you), CLIMB (empty cavern with three doors), LOOK AT RED DOOR (there's a handle
on it), LOOK AT BLACK DOOR (there's a knob on it), LOOK AT BLUE DOOR (there's a pin on
it), PUSH PIN (you go through to a gray room), LOOK (a human is standing here in a white uniform),
LOOK AT HUMAN (he's a Traam slave), TALK TO HUMAN (says the Traamfla will kill you), KILL (with
what?), WITH LASER (falls to the floor), LOOK (wearing a uniform), DROP LASER, GET UNIFORM, S, S
(hallway), S (large chamber containing Traams), DROP PENDANT, CLIMB STAIRS (paved street where you
see a man), TALK MAN (he says "If you are from the third planet answer this.  Who am I?"),
KASTAMAN (he unlocks the door).

OPEN DOOR (you go through to a silver room), OPEN CABINET (locked), MOVE CABINET (reveals a door),
OPEN DOOR (you are in complete darkness and there is a noise in the background), LISTEN (hear water
rushing - don't go north or east or you fall into a pit and die), W (library), LOOK AT SHELVES
(see large manual), READ MANUAL (book has a lock on the side), BREAK LOCK (now open), READ BOOK.
(note important information), E, S, S (back to where the man is), E, S (darkly painted room), S
(room full of Traams who stare at you), LOOK (Traams grab you and throw you in a cell), DROP INSECT
(begins crawling in circles), LOOK (it climbs up one of the walls), LOOK (it crawls through a crack
in the stone and disappears), LOOK AT CRACK (one of the stone blocks is loose), MOVE BLOCK (a small
passage leads through the wall), CLIMB PASSAGE, CRAWL, CRAWL (passage widens to where you can stand
up), CLIMB (you fall and land on a sharp object), LOOK AT SHARP OBJECT (it's a spike driven
into the floor and a deep pit is east), TIE ROPE TO SPIKE (it dangles down into the pit), CLIMB ROPE
(bottom of pit where a hole leads east), CLIMB HOLE (launch ramp where a small fighter sits with
it's cockpit open).

CLIMB COCKPIT (cockpit of fighter beside instrument panel), UNHOOK AUTO PRESSURE (a light blinks
on), LIFT DECOUPLING RING (a red light glows), PUSH THRUST BAR (you're airborne), LOOK
INSTRUMENTS (a button marked "beacon" is blinking), PUSH BUTTON (your mother ship has
spotted you and a tractor beam reaches out), LOOK (you have made your escape successfully). 


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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