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Firekeep (Firekeep.txt)

Walkthrough by Alex Dijkstra for the c64

W, W, W, MUG MAN (you obtain 239 coins), E, E, E, N (without clothes you can't buy anything
here), BUY CLOTHES (you pay 40), WEAR CLOTHES, S, W, W, N, EXAMINE WEAPONS, BUY SWORD (you pay 80),
BUY BOOK (you pay 99), READ BOOK (you learn 3 magic spells),  S, W (without clothes you can't
pass), W, N, BUY FOOD (you pay 19), S, W, N, N, E, E, E, E, E, N (without the sword and the food you
can't go north), GO DOWN, W, N, SAY BEGONUS (you are protected from the lightning beast), E, N,
N, W, SAY FORCELUS (the wind creature vanishes), S, SAY DELPHIA RIVEL (youare protected from the
fire monster), N, N, EXAMINE CAVE (a bear stalks the area), DROP FOOD (the bear takes it), GO CAVE,
OPEN DRAWBRIDGE, S, S, S, W, W, W, N, E, N, W, GO MAIDEN (save your game because the outcome of the
fight with Thoran is random. You mus defeat him but not kill him or be defeated by him.) , USE

You have defeated Thoran!
You have completed your quest.