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Dark Mage (Dark_Mage.txt)

DARK MAGE by Greg Troutman, 1997 
Atari 2600 
8K version of the game 

Walkthrough by Juan Duc

North, Look, Take, East, South, Look, Take, South, East, Look, Use (the 
fish), Look, Talk, East, East, Look, Give (the bread), Look, Take, South, 
Look, Use (the dog), Look, Talk, North, West, West, West, Look, Give (the 
dog), Look, Take, East, East, East, South, South, West, West, West, Look, 
Use (the gold coin), Look, Talk, East, East, East, North, North, West, West, 
North, North, Look, Give (the gold coin), East, East, East, South, Look, 
Take, North, West, West, West, South, South, East, East, South, South, West, 
West, Look, Give (the black paint), Look, Take, West, North, North, Look, 
Take, North, Look, Give (the black rose), North, Look 
Note: the final message says: 
and it gives the following code: 
To our knowledge, no sequel to this adventure has been published (yet) 

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