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Pub Quest (Pub_Quest.txt)

Written by C.P. Shrigley (Dream Software)
Walk Through with Dorothy Millard (C64 version)

Deep in the bowels of the local sewer system lies the ultimate challenge. 
It is your job to find the means to pay off your debt at your local pub.

- Throwing the canister doesn't work unless a variable is changed. If you 
don't have the revised version issued by Dorothy Millard then change line 
3090 IFO(21)=85 instead of 0. Note it is necessary to enable RUN/STOP 
RESTORE (POKE 808, 237) and LIST (POKE 774, 26 and POKE 775, 167) first.
- The majority of objects in the game are red herrings so just leave 
- Do NOT light the lamp in the sewers.
- When you throw the slab, rope or canister if you take inventory you 
will find you are still carrying them. Also even though the hook is tied 
to the rope you are still carrying the hook.

Walk Through:
(Start on the pavement running east/west along a busy main road), EXAMINE 
ME, EXAMINE YOU (you find a dull brass key in your pocket), E (next to a 
parked car), S (into the car), EXAMINE CAR (there is a glove 
compartment), OPEN COMPARTMENT (a torch falls out), GET TORCH, GET 
MATTRESS, N, W, W (in front of a Pelican Crossing - don't push the button 
yet as it contains poison), W (car park), DROP MATTRESS, CLIMB TREE (it's 
dark), ON TORCH (don't type LIGHT TORCH as it will melt), LOOK (leave the 
apple and don't eat it), GET KEY (shiny brass), JUMP DOWN (you land 
safely on the mattress), OFF TORCH, E, E, N (inside the Chequered Flag 
Inn), UNLOCK DOOR (with the shiny brass key), W (into the gent's 
toilets), UNLOCK CUPBOARD (with the dull brass key), LOOK, W (inside 
cupboard where it's dark), ON TORCH, GET GLOVE (leather), OFF TORCH, E, 
E, S, W (Pelican Crossing), WEAR GLOVE, PRESS BUTTON (a little sign says 
"WALK NOW"), S (other side of the road), DROP GLOVE.

E (rough piece of pavement), GET SLAB (broken paving slab), W, S, E, E 
(leave the matches), S, S, S (a sign here says "DANGER MINE FIELD"), 
THROW SLAB (it lands in the minefield and sets them off), INVENTORY (you 
still have the slab), S (bomb crater), GET BOTTLE (wrapped in brown 
paper), N, N, W, W, W, S, S, (outside shed - there appears to be no way 
in), THROW SLAB (it rips into the side of the shed leaving a gaping 
hole), DROP SLAB (again you're still carrying it), S (inside shed - leave 
the lamp - it can be lit with the matches but when you type LIGHT you 
melt the torch and cannot finish the game), N, N, N (in front of derelict 
house), UNLOCK DOOR (with the dull brass key), DROP KEY (dull), DROP KEY 

W (it's dark), ON TORCH, LOOK (you are in a grotty hallway), W (huge 
kitchen - the tramp here says "Hello, say something to me and I'll let 
you pass"), SAY SOMETHING (he smiles and asks for a drink), DROP BOTTLE 
(he is very happy and lets you pass), LOOK (you are in a big kitchen), 
GET BOOK, READ BOOK (it falls open and you see the word "TOILET" is a 
relieving word), DROP BOOK, E, E (grotty hallway), S (bottom of stairs - 
leave the diamond bracelet as the publican won't accept trinkets), W, S 
(pokey bedroom - don't enter the bed as a snake is lurking), N, N 
(another pokey bedroom - leave the shovel), S, E, N, E (outside house), 
OFF TORCH, N (front garden - leave the knife), S.

E, E, E, S, S (bomb crater), ON TORCH, E (into the sewers - don't drop 
any objects in the sewers as you will lose them), N, N (if you go east 
here you will find some rats which can be dealt with using the canister, 
and beyond them is a credit card, but as the barman won't accept the card 
anyway, leave them be), N, N, W (leave the crisp new fifty pound note as 
it is a forgery anyway), E, S, E, E, N (leave the oil can - this can be 
used to fill the lamp but there is no point), OFF TORCH (to let it cool 
down and prevent it melting), ON TORCH, N, N, E, E, W, N, GET SUIT (sewer 
protect-o-suit), E, S, S, S, E, E, E, S, GET CANISTER (smoke), W (into 
cavernous chamber - rats are here), THROW CANISTER (into the mass of 
rats... it explodes into a cloud of smoke and the rats flee in all 
directions), WEAR SUIT, S, W, S.

E (to sewer worker's rest station), GET HOOK (grappling), OFF TORCH (to 
cool it down), ON TORCH, W, N, E, N, E, N, E, S, N, GET ROPE, W, W, W, W, 
W, W, N, E, N, E (leave the huge diamond as you can only take one item 
from the sewers and the publican won't trade in trinkets), OFF TORCH 
(cool it down), ON TORCH, S, E (edge of crevasse - don't go south as 
there is a spider there who will bite you), TIE ROPE (to hook), THROW 
ROPE, E, N, GET CHEQUE, S, W, W, N, W, N, W, W (a little man jumps out 
from behind a wall and says you can only take one object out of the 
(bomb crater).

N, N, N, N, W, W, N, N, E, N (Chequered Flag Inn), PAY BARMAN (what 
with?), CHEQUE (the barman grabs the cheque and says "That'll do nicely!" 
- he then rushes off to serve another customer).

Score 15000/15000

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