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Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance (s201.txt)

              Spellcasting 201: The sorcerer's appliance.

                           A FAThead solve.

    These are general hints for S201. Nothing specific just good

    First I apologize for the original solve not covering the official
    release. This one does. There are not all that many differences.
    They threw in a few extra puzzles is all. Good Luck.

    Second is to get the docs with the pxc files. The maps are needed
    unless you want to make your own. Especially the sewer map.

    Go to all the classes. When in them type TAKE NOTES. Read the notes
    afterward and then restore to before the class unless something
    happened that you needed (An item) in that case don't restore to
    before the class.

    Many of the things in this solve can be done ahead of time but I
    put them on the days they are needed. (Mostly)

    Review wise I think the first game rocked. This game is not as
    good. But it is worth playing.

    Good luck.


 The First Simulation:
 1) Get all the stuff.

 2) Cast the spell to animate yellow fruit on the banana.

 3) Slice the banana with the slicer when it comes back.

 4) Go up and wait for the postman to bring the package.

 5) Get the package.

 6) Open it and the box inside it.

 7) Wait until the bananas have filled the tub and then cast the
    daiquiri spell.

 8) Wait until the wizard comes back.

                            End of Simulation 1

 The Second Simulation (in the past):
 1) Go west and then north.

 2) Open the stump and open the box. (Be sure you have your book).

 3) Go north into the shirne and down.

 4) Get the gold. Open the box. Get the gold.

 5) Cast KWELP on the fresco.

 6) Go to the ship and give the gold to the monster.

 7) Cast the YUHPEE spell on the monster and then give him the gold.

 8) Enter the ship.

                            End of Simulation 2

 What to do on Sunday:
 Not much.

 1) Go to the locker room under the stadium and get the bag to carry
    stuff in.

 2) Get the blueprint from Yakbladder court.

 3) Go to your room in Hu Delta Fart. Off the Main Entrance.
    Your room is upstairs.

 4) Listen to duct.

 6) Open envelope and read letter.

 7) Get the casserole from the cafeteria.

 8) Go see Otto Tickingclock at the presidents house. At 9PM

 9) Get the key and open the DEPLUMIT box.

 10) Go to your room and sleep.

 End of Sunday

 What to do on Monday:
 1) After the initiation ceremony is through go up to your room and
    get your spellbook, your notebook, and the ancient key.

 2) Go to the Hu Delta Fart living room (Your frat) and get the
    sextant and the PISEKS box from the trophy case.

 3) Open the PISEKS box.

 4) Go down from Ivorytower Entrance. Use the key to unlock the
    door. Go into the Lab.

 5) ATTACH ALL TO THE APPLIANCE. Drop all. Push both buttons. IN.

 6) Turn the power dial to 1. Turn the color dial to white. Pull
    the lever. Now get out before its too late.

 7) Go in and get the diamond. Don't forget to grab your stuff as
    you leave. You can leave the key if you want.

 8) Go to the Janitor's closet north of the Student Union. Get the
    How-to book.

 9) Cut glass with diamond. Get and open the WOOSH spellbox.

 10) Climb to the top of the Ivorytower. WOOSH when you reach the

 11) Go UP. Attach the moustache to the statue. Down.

 12) Down again. This time for real. Get the Metal Bender from the
     Clock room.

 13) Go to the Lab and attach the Metal Bender to the Appliance.

 14) Go to the Alchemy Lab wait until late afternoon class starts.
     Some time during the class a key will drop from Hiddenmolar's
     pocket. Get it. Read your notes after the class is over and
     turn the iron into copper. To do this;

          1) Put the Lump of iron in the bowl.
          2) Get the EWC-1 and open it.
          3) Get the MTC+ and open it.
          4) Get the transelerator and open it.
          5) Get the transtop and open it.
          6) Put the EWC-1 in the bowl.
          7) Put the MTC+ in the bowl.
          8) Again.
          9) Put the transelerator in the bowl.
         10) Wait until the iron turns to copper.
         11) Put transtop in the bowl.

 15) Get the lump of copper and wait for 9PM.

 16) Go to your room, listen to the duct, and sleep.

 End of Monday.

 What to do on Tuesday:
 1) After the initiation go to your room and get the spellbook, the

 2) Go inside the appliance and turn the power dial to 2.

 3) Turn the green dial to bush.

 4) Push the right button. You want a Simpleberry shrub. It is a
    Flowery, evergreen. Pull the lever and scram.

 5) If you don't have the blue fluid go to the alchemy lab and get

 6) Go to the office of professor Moldybreadcrust. Open his desk and
    get the box from inside. Open it.

 7) Head for Tappa Kegga Bru. Don't go downstairs yet.

 8) Examine the Veal Casserole. Cast the PISEKS spell on the larva.

 9) Go downstairs. Open the blue liquid. Shake the bush.

 10) Cast the SRINKO spell on the mascot. Do again until he is your

 11) Unchain the Mascot. Frimp the manhole. Down.

 12) Go EAST. SE. Push the triangular button. N. Push the
     Trapezoidal button. E. SE. Open the Box. S.

 13) Go into the president's house and go upstairs.

 14) Drop the blue fluid and go back down.

 15) Grab the Harness.

 16) Go and attach the Harness to the appliance.

 17) Kill time until nine. After the ceremony listen to the duct in
     your room.
 18) Sleep.

 End of Tuesday

 What to do Wednesday:
 1) Go into the appliance and turn green dial to moss.

 2) You want spatula moss. It is Moist-Rockbound. Push the buttons
    as necessary to get this. Pull the lever and get out.

 3) Now go in and get the moss. Then turn the power to 3.

 4) Pull Red. Red. Green. You know the drill by now.

 5) Get the squirrel. Go to the alchemy room and get the bowl.

 6) You want squirrel vomit so show him the most disgusting item
    you have (the veal casserole).

 7) Put the Vomit and the moss in the bowl. Go to the music room and
    get the horn.

 8) Go to the locker room. Frimp the manhole and go down and wait
    until about 5:30 PM.

 9) Go to the swimming pool and wait until 7:10. Drink the potion.

 10) Now you play the song of heat. Be careful don't skip anything:
     The following are what you actually type in.

     1) Vomp the plunger.
     2) Thrub the low glupp key.
     3) Again.
     4) Extrowig slide.
     5) Oscilloop lever.
     6) Woozle right pedal.

 11) Go North and get the Cookie Cutter.

 12) Go and attach the Cutter to the appliance.

 13) Wait for nine and afterward listen to the duct. Sleep

 End of Wednesday
 What to do Thursday:
 Get the Spellbook, the How-to book and the copper lump.
 If you don't have the How-to book it is in the Janitor's closet.
 If you don't have the copper lump you are out of luck, you needed
 to turn iron into copper on Monday in alchemy class. If you have
 the Iron lump see monday's solve for the way to change it to
 copper. If you don't have either, restore back to monday.

 1) Go upstairs from the presidents house. (Hillary's room).

 2) Open the bureau and get the frock.

 3) Go to the Lab. Drop all and enter the appliance.
 4) Turn the Power dial to 4
 5) Now set all three knobs, the dial and the wheel to whatever you
 6) Pull the lever and get out.
 7) Get your stuff and give the frock to Eve.

 9) Go to the Pub under the student union.
 10) Get the Dehydrated alcohol pellet.
 11) Go out of the university (N from main entrance)
 12) Go east until you get to the gates of Barmaid U.

 13) Go south. Read the how to book. Give the coupon to the man.
 14) Go to Wet whistle common. Go into Melta Loin and get the floss.

 15) Go into Pigga Kau and get the table cloth.

 16) Go to the sewing room and give the floss and cloth to Eve.

 17) If she doesn't start sewing, ask her about MY CLOAK.

 18) Go back to the Common. PISEKS the sapling. Up.

 19) FOGWACKA (The spell in the clock).

 20) Fix the Shower. Go west and unlock and open the door.

 21) Go in and get the invitation and fix the sink.

 22) Go back to the sewing room and get Eve. (If the sapling shrunk
     cast the PISEKS spell on it again.)
 23) Give the Pellet and the invitation to Eve.
 24) Go north from Wet whistle and wait until the party starts.

 27) Go south. Get Garter. Return to University.
 28) Attach Garter to appliance.
 29) Wait and then listen to duct after initiation.
 End of Thursday

 What to do Friday:
 1) Get your Spellbook, the bush, and the bedsheet. Go up from the
    cafeteria. Push the green button.

 2) Go into the appliance and set the power dial to 5

 3) Set the right dial to 7

 4) Set the left dial to G.

 5) Pull the lever. Wait inside this time.

 6) Get only your spellbook. Now leave the University.

 7) Go west several times. When you get to the town go north.

 8) In the shrine cast the Deplumit spell.

 9) Get the gold. Get the box and the gold. Open the box.

 10) Go to the tavern and give the gold to Lola.

 11) She will give you a ticket and a coin.

 12) Give the ticket to the guard at the palace gate.

 13) Wait until the queen shows up (Around 1 PM) and moon her.

 14) Fix the sink. Pull the drain. Turn on the hot water.

 15) Wash the coin in the hot water and cast KWELP on it.

 16) Take the bubblewand (and the queen if you are in the mood).

 17) Go back to the university.

 18) Go to the Lab and attach the bubblewand to the appliance. Drop
     all and push both buttons.

 19) Wait while the enemy finishes his speech.

 20) When he leaves go into the appliance and pull the lever.

 21) Get your stuff then cast UGUGOOWAH.

 22) FRIMP manhole and go down. Then go SE.S.

 23) Go straight to the upstairs of the Cafeteria.

 24) Push the cart north. AGAIN.

 25) Slide the body onto the cart. Cover the body with the sheet.
     Shake the Bush. Push the cart S.

 26) Get the Bubblewand from the enemy. If he isn't there wait for
     him. If the Bush wears off shake it again.

 27) Push the cart S.

 28) Deplumit the cart. Down.

 29) Push the cart into Ivorytower hall. (Not the lobby, the room
     to the east of it).

 30) Deplumit the cart. Then Deplumit yourself.

 31) Attach the wand to the Appliance.

 32) Push the cart into the appliance.

 33) Turn the power dial to 6 and pull the lever. Get out.

 34) Wait while the game runs smoothly to its conclusion.

 End Of Game and another FAThead solve.