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Vampiro: Memorias de reXXe

CAAD 1998

Jaume Alcazo Castellarnau
AGE info, Alan info, Inform, Java, JavaScript, TADS
AGE info, Alan, Browser, Java, TADS, Z-Machine info
Horror, Myths and legends
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You wake up dazed to find that you are in a castle. Now you remember! Your mission is to kill the vampire who lives in the upper part of the castle.


This game was originally written by Jaume Alcazo Castellarnau using SINTAC G3 and published by CAAD. It was then used by José Luis Diaz (using the pseudonym of 'Zak McKracken') as the sample game with InformATE (the Spanish version of the Inform library). It is now the game used by 'Proyecto Vampiro' (Project Vampire). The aim of the project is to provide a game that can be used as a benchmark when comparing different adventure authoring systems. This allows the beginning adventure programmer to compare the source code for the same game for each system. This is similar to Cloak of Death by Roger Firth, except that it is aimed at Spanish authors. Implementations are known for the following systems:
Aetheria Game Engine (AGE), written by Carlos Gómez using the pseudonym of 'Al-Khwarizmi' in 2008
Alan 3.0, written by Bruce Humphrey in 2010
CAECHO?, written by Mel Hython in 1998
CROAC, written by Lumpi in 2000
IAST, written by Enrique Pimpinela Santos in ????
Inform 6, written by Sarganar in ????
Inform 7, written by Sarganar in 2007
InformATE, written by José Luis Diaz using the pseudonym of 'Zak McKracken' in 2000
Java (using GWT), written by José Vicente Ruiz using the pseudonym of 'Joruiru' in 2010
JavaScript (using Fi-js), written by Baltasar in 2014
Kenshira, written by Alberto Vilches in 2008
Lisp (using EAC), written by Lumpi in 2004
Prometeo 2.2, written by Gonzo in ????
SINTAC G3, written by Jaume Alcazo Castellarnau in 1998
TADS 3, written by Ricardo Pérez López using the pseudonym of 'Sothoth' in 2003
Twine, written by n-n in 2015

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